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Across New Zealand drivers need to slow down to help reduce the nation’s high road toll. Ministry of Transport data shows that driving too fast for the conditions is a contributing factor in around one third of all fatal crashes1. Average deaths per day over the last 10 years has reached around 0.9, or about one person per day. Therefore, approximately one person loses their life on New Zealand roads every three days due to driver speed. 

Speed is a key component to stopping distance. Travelling at 100km per hour on a wet road leads to a stopping distance of approximately 122m2. But slowing down has a strong impact on the stopping speed and the risk of a collision. For every 2km reduced in speed, a road collision is 5 per cent less likely to happen3

So where are Kiwis speeding the most? We’ve compared speeding infringements across the New Zealand Police Districts to see which regions need to slow down most. 

where are new zealand's worst speeding drivers



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Chris L'Ecluse is a Solution Specialist - Enterprise at Teletrac Navman.

Chris L'Ecluse is Solution Specialist at Teletrac Navman and a Work, Health & Safety guardian angel. A qualified Master Driver Trainer, Chris has extensive experience, knowledge and background to educate industries on work, health & safety laws and safe driving behaviour.