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Fresher pizzas faster and a safer workplace for drivers – those were the motivators behind inventing the Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker.

Designed and built by Teletrac Navman, the system has tracked the delivery of more than 12.6 million pizzas in New Zealand & Australia. The GPS Driver Tracker is used by 1,200 stores in 11,700 vehicles. And these figures grow every day.

Safer delivery drivers

Delivery drivers are a big part of the workforce, and Domino’s wanted a solution that would help to keep drivers safe. Teletrac Navman built a comprehensive speed and driving behaviour solution which allowed Domino’s to better manage and improve driver behaviour.

The system measures real-time speed against the posted speed limit, as well as harsh braking or acceleration.

Fresher pizza faster

Domino’s wanted a solution that would get their pizzas into the hands of customers faster and fresher. In the hyper-competitive world of fast food, customer experience is everything.

The system that Teletrac Navman designed increases the efficiency of the delivery process by integrating the GPS system with the pizza ordering and making system. Completed orders get to the driver faster, then the GPS system helps drivers locate the delivery point more easily, reducing the time taken searching for the correct address. Big screens showing where all the drivers are and whether they are delivering, collecting money or returning, allowing store managers to better manage the delivery process.

Dedicated pizza lovers can even watch their pizza arrive on the mobile GPS Driver Tracker app.

Faster pizza globally?

Domino’s wants to use the GPS Driver Tracker in several other markets, and the roll-out of the system is already underway.

Now that Navman Wireless has grown and become Teletrac Navman, the company can provide even more support to Domino’s as its continues its expansion and remains committed to the ‘slow where it matters, fast where it counts’ philosophy.

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Ian Daniel is a Vice President, APAC at Teletrac Navman.

Ian Daniel is Teletrac Navman's VP for the APAC region. He's the backbone of the brand in APAC, invested all his passion for and knowledge about GPS tracking and the industry into it and was part of Navman Wireless' fleet tracking cornerstone in 2002.