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Managing Road User Charges Electronically


Automated RUC Management

Automatic Compliance & Easy Online RUC Licence Processing

Managing road user charges (RUC) is a complex process. With licences required for every vehicle, there’s a lot to keep track of, whether you’re running a fleet of logging trucks or delivery vans. You need to maintain up-to-date records, while staying on top of all your licence expirations. For a large fleet travelling long distances, the costs can be substantial and the penalties severe. 

If you regularly use your vehicles off road, your business is eligible for refunds. Unfortunately, the claim process requires highly accurate data and can be incredibly time consuming. When auditing time rolls around, you’re scrambling to locate paper licences, which often end up littering the floor of truck cabins and sometimes get lost or damaged during day-to-day operations.

You can automate this entire process with an electronic RUC management system – improving cash flow management, saving time and effort, and ensuring your business is always compliant.

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