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Teletrac Navman

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Pre-Trip Checklists

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Pre-Trip Checklists

Peace of mind for your business

Improve safety and vehicle maintenance with customisable inspection checklists. Include photos of damage or issues with timely electronic reports. Your team can be routinely up-to-date with maintenance requirements making servicing more efficient and responsive.

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Improve safety and vehicle maintenance with customisable inspection forms. Include photos of damage or issues with timely electronic reports. Your team can be routinely up-to-date with maintenance requirements making servicing more efficient and responsive.

Driver’s may be out of the depot for days at a time, especially when considering linehaul. This means that paper-based checklists may not get back to the office, they may be lost, torn or illegible. When considering vehicle roadworthiness, it’s important to know of issues or faults as soon as possible. As drivers submit the checklist, alerts are raised instantly to allow maintenance staff to get ahead and jumpstart internal workflows to expedite the process to ensure the vehicle is safe to drive. Often, you are able to catch the vehicle before it leaves the depot.

Vehicle Compliance


According to NZTA, the HSWA and other compliance obligations, you're required to ensure both your drivers are fit for duty and the vehicle is safe to operate on New Zealand roads. An electronic checklist solution enables drivers to carry out vehicle safety inspection and driver fit-for-duty checklists all directly from a portable in-vehicle device. Once submitted, the information is all available for the back office, with real-time alerts on failed items. It provides an efficient method of recording compliance information and reduces the reliance on paperwork.

pre-trip checklist

Fleet Safety


Using an electronic solution, alerts are raised instantly, enabling proactive maintenance to address faults before the vehicle leaves the depot. This gives transport operators the ability to pick up on problems immediately and helps protect your drivers while it keeps your vehicles safely on the road.