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Fleet Management for Government Fleets

Ensure public and driver safety

Government fleets face challenges unlike any other field. They must stay within tight budgets, demanding regulations, and maintain a positive public image, all while serving local, state, and federal needs. We have served government fleets for over 25 years and have developed products that work for townships and federal agencies alike. By combining cellular with satellite tracking, we provide government organisations a view of their vehicles 24 hours a day.

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Tie costs to vehicle usage and hours

Government fleets operate on razor thin margins. Every drop of fuel used and each extra minute of idling adds to the costs of their organisation, whether it’s local or central. DIRECTOR helps closely monitor and manage vehicle utilisation data easily. This can include idle time, harsh braking, and unauthorised vehicle use. By connecting this data to budgetary plans, government entities can eliminate inefficiencies that drag down their operations.

Another cost factor might be the sharing of one pool of vehicles between multiple business units. If data shows that one group accounts for a majority portion of usage on its own, all business units can't be expected to pay equally for the resource. Teletrac Navman's pool vehicle management solution allows governments to be equitable about who pays for what and can be used to on-bill vehicle usage costs to clients.

Improve driver behaviour

To run a safe and efficient fleet, governments need to proactively monitor policies and vehicle uses. GPS Data collected by DIRECTOR provides accurate insight into who is driving a vehicle and their behaviour at any time. At-risk driving behaviour such as speeding and harsh braking will soon be revealed and government fleet managers can suggest a targeted driver training program.

Comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act

The Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) requires government fleets to have a workplace, health and safety policy in place. This means that every individual in an organisation is responsible and must be pro-active in identifying and mitigating risks. DIRECTOR enables government fleets to comply with theHSWA legislation with the following features:

  • Monitoring and managing driver behaviour such as speeding & harsh braking
  • Setting up alerts after travelling a set distance to schedule regular maintenance checks
  • Constant two-way communication with drivers even in remote areas with satellite communication


Track fuel usage and CO2 emissions

DIRECTOR provides government fleets a vehicle-by-vehicle breakdown of CO2 emissions for regulatory tracking. The report also shows to the cent how much fuel each vehicle consumes to help track against budget. DIRECTOR helps monitor these reports organised by day, month, year, and by individual vehicle type. DIRECTOR also shows trends over time for fuel use and emissions, helping identify problem vehicles and drivers.  

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