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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management for Passenger Transport

Improve safety and satisfaction while reducing costs.

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The Value of Passenger Service

Stay competitive in your market

In the competitive passenger transport business, your customers have choices. If they learn that your vehicles often arrive late, or operators drive unsafely, they will go elsewhere. That’s where Teletrac Navman fleet management software comes in — helping you stay competitive in the market as well as keeping costs under control while addressing customer safety and satisfaction.

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Benefits for Passenger Fleets

Build a reputation for reliability

Route Optimisation 570X543

Increase Customer Satisfaction

With the ability to track your fleet, you can improve routes to achieve more on-time arrivals. Respond to traffic incidents in real time and keep your vehicles moving.

Reliable, on-time performance directly impacts customer satisfaction and trust.

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Reduce Fuel Costs

Monitor how your vehicles are used to gather actionable insights. Reduce vehicle idling time, address driver behaviour concerns, and reduce your carbon emissions.

When you can control these variables in driving patterns, you can significantly cut your fleet’s fuel costs.

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Safety Compliance Equipment 570X543

Improve Safety

High on your list of concerns is the safety of both your passengers and your drivers. Our fleet management software tracks your daily maintenance checks, electronically, and sends alerts when routine maintenance is due.

By staying ahead of maintenance issues, you can keep your vehicles running safely and reduce the risk of unplanned downtime.

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Workplace Health Safety 570X543 (1)

Protect Your Business

Telematics and a fleet management solution can protect your company and drivers against false claims, reduce insurance premiums and provide another layer of protection for passengers. As part of our fleet management platform, incidents such as harsh braking or cornering can trigger alerts, which are sent directly to you and displayed in your dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

Improving safe driving habits has positive effects far beyond the road. The solution provides behaviour trend monitoring and scoring that decrease the likelihood of fines, improve profitability, and generate positive word-of-mouth about the company. Our safety software reduces the risk of incidents, injuries and vehicle damage while helping managers validate the behaviour of good drivers. It’s a smart and safe investment in your fleet.

In order to measure efficient fuel use, fleets need to implement a consistent process by:

  1. Choosing a measurement (the most common being MPG).
  2. Implementing this measurement across the entire fleet.
  3. Communicating results and performance, setting improvement targets and choosing a strategy for meeting them.

Every time your vehicles leave the yard, they inform the outside world about your company. Wherever your vehicle travels, and your driver delivers, the process leads back to you. With fleet management software, you can rest assured your fleet is performing at a satisfactory rate, and that your customers know it. The software allows businesses to reduce accidents, maintain safe driving behavior, and cultivate positive relationships with customers.

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