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Sustainability Solutions

Helping You Navigate the Road to Net-Zero

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Helping You Navigate the Road to Net-Zero

Simplify your fleets carbon reduction journey

We help fleet operators through the initial stages of energy transition with a combination of predictive analytics, emissions reporting and expert guidance, creating an achievable transition plan that meets your sustainability goals.

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Net Zero Fleet


Net-Zero Fleet

Transition Plan

We combine telematics data with expert guidance to deliver an EV transition plan that considers your sustainability goals and operational needs.

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Mitigate Risk

Infrastructure Design

Predicts your energy requirements to develop an infrastructure plan that meets the energy demands of your fleet today and in the future.

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Business Continuity

Your Operation

We deliver achievable transition plans that prioritise your operation and customer commitments.

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Meet Sustainability Goals

CO2 Reporting

Track your sustainability journey with instant CO2 emission reporting that factors in vehicle transition and behavioural improvements.

Start Your Journey

Unlock the insight from telematics data to make your energy transition a success

Electric Vehicle Evaluator

Electric Vehicle Evaluator

Lay the foundation for your energy transition. The Electric Vehicle Evaluator (EVE by Teletrac Navman) uses predictive analytics to turn your telematics data into an achievable energy transition plan that meets your sustainability goals. With expert guidance throughout your journey you can be confident in the decisions you're making.

  • Identify vehicles suitable to transition to electric and vehicles requiring other energy solutions
  • Plan a commercially viable energy transition
  • Understand EV charging infrastructure requirements based on your transition objectives
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My Sustainability Journey

One dashboard to track your journey to zero. My Sustainability Journey simplifies reporting on carbon reduction, factoring in energy transition and behavioural improvements. With insight into driver performance and sustainability KPI's, you'll have everything you need to stay on track to meet your goals.

  • Easily monitor carbon emissions and CO2 reduction
  • Monitor driver performance and encourage eco-driving through data driven coaching
  • Identify opportunities for improvement and set performance goals
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Multi-Energy Solutions

Multi-Energy Solutions

We're supporting 1000s of customer worldwide meet their sustainability goals. With access to a wide range of multi-energy solutions covering infrastructure and management, we're uniquely positioned to support your energy transition journey.

  • Solutions covering EV, H2, CNG and Biomethane
  • End-to-end multi-energy fueling systems
  • Flexible management applications that keep your operation online and profitable
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We are expected to offer a fully electric delivery experience for our customers. Therefore, that is our number 1 business goal.

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Alternative Fuel Resources

Take a look through our alternative fuel resource and get ready for your multi-energy future