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Teletrac Navman

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Elevate your Fleet Operations

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and improve communication with fleet and asset management solutions.

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Operations Management Solutions

Digital workflows for modern operational needs

Count on quick, accurate and reliable processes by digitising your workflow. Teletrac Navman fleet management software reduces time spent dispatching jobs and allows you to communicate with remote workers so you can provide more timely customer updates.

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Ops Manager Software 1017X601

Fleet Operations Tools

Everything you need to keep your business operating smoothly

Driver Communication 570X543

Routing & Dispatch

Two-way messaging on the in-cab device allows you to send updates to drivers quickly and easily, including route changes, or traffic, and behavioural alerts. Alerts on the in-vehicle device are low-distraction and sent over secure networks, which eliminates the need to rely on cell phones or two-way radios.


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Business Intelligence Fleet 570X543

Cost Management

The ability to deliver value and save money is at the core of what operations managers do every day. With centralised reporting and record keeping, you’ll always have the full picture of where your operating costs are highest and be able to identify areas in which waste is occurring.


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Idle Time 570X543

Vehicle Usage & Driver Hours

Ensure effective utilisation and resource allocation across vehicles and routes. Vehicle usage reports let you identify potential inefficiencies, reduce fuel use, and track maintenance needs. Real-time visibility into driver hours ensures that driving time is being managed effectively.

Proof Of Delivery 570X543

Custom Workflows

Centralise record keeping and simplify deliveries by empowering drivers to capture signatures, complete invoices, and log job-specific information directly on the in-vehicle device. Always have full visibility into deliveries and jobs, and get live updates when tasks are completed.

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Safety Compliance Equipment 570X543

Performance Reporting

Make data-backed business decisions with the ability to build your own reports and set custom alerts. You’ll always have the insight you need to make both real-time tactical and long-term strategic decisions as you approach specific benchmarks or limits. Identify patterns in your operational performance and set improvement goals.

Real Results

Customers effectively using telematics tools report seeing…

Green RGB Driver Behavior 150X150 31%

improved driver behaviour

Green RGB In Vehicle Navigation 150X150 25%

more efficient routing and dispatching

Green RGB Support 150X150 15%

improved customer service

Green RGB GPS Location 150X150 48%

greater peace of mind knowing where vehicles are

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

You can keep your vehicles as available as possible through preventative and predictive maintenance. Preventative maintenance follows a schedule, often based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, of certain time and mileage benchmarks. Predictive maintenance is based on real-world equipment condition and usage. It uses sensors and connected assets to forecast when a vehicle or asset might break down or require repair. A fleet and asset management solution can automatically track maintenance schedules (preventative) and forecasted repairs (predictive).

Road User Charges (RUC) are a form of pre-paid levies that help fund the upkeep of New Zealand’s public roads. Heavy vehicles like trucks, pay their share via Road User Charges, the levy is based on distance travelled.

Opsmanagement FAQ 570X440