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Teletrac Navman

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Equipment Management Simplified

Keep track of all your equipment, in real time, all the time.

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Equipment Management Solutions

Effectively manage the equipment powering your business.

Improve how you manage equipment with full visibility into its location, use and maintenance. Know how and when each jobsite is using your powered and non-powered assets and avoid problems with accurate, real-time information. With visibility into unused assets you can prevent equipment hoarding and reallocate assets where they’re most needed. Digital processes can ensure high asset utilisation and reduced costs.

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Equipment Monitoring Tools

Use the latest GPS technology to monitor your assets

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GPS Asset Tracking

With a range of powered and non-powered assets across job sites, it can be a challenge to keep track of location, costs, maintenance schedules, and other factors that affect your bottom line. GPS tracking, along with insights into maintenance alerts and fuel usage, combines to give you a detailed picture of your operations. Discover instances of equipment hoarding to keep your assets in use. Identify opportunities to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Maintenance & Inspections

Reduce equipment downtime with digital maintenance plans that run off engine hours data. Get automated alerts when scheduled maintenance is due and quickly responded to unplanned maintenance needs with real-time diagnostic alerts and our digital inspection app. The fully integrated inspection app enables you to digitise your entire maintenance process from identification to completion, giving you complete visibility and confidence that your equipment is ready for use.

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Equipment Utilisation

By monitoring equipment assignment and usage across your job sites, you can maximise utilisation and accomplish more with less. You will have clear data that enables you to manage your assets with confidence and transparency, helping you and your job site managers complete projects on time.

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Safety & Compliance

Whoever is using your equipment, and wherever they’re using it, it’s important to know they’re complying with all relevant regulations. Equipment monitoring tools provide insights into operator behaviour, and geofencing lets you keep the equipment where it belongs. Take advantage of real-time diagnostics and alerts to prevent potential violations. 

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Manage Ownership Cost 570X543 Au

Manage Ownership Costs

Keeping track of your equipment allows you to produce reports that help you make educated decisions. You can see the cost of ownership for each piece of equipment and which ones are breaking down most often. You can also track rental costs to help decide when to rent versus buy and know when a new piece of equipment will pay for itself.

Get a clear picture of your equipment ownership costs with tracking software and discover opportunities to save money.

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Real Results

The construction industry is evolving

Green RGB Data Trend Down 150X150 $15.5 billion

global construction industry growth by 2030

Green RGB EWD 150X150 39%

Companies using telematics who saw improved driver efficiency

Green RGB Excavator 150X150 30+ years

Teletrac Navman’s equipment management experience

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

Equipment tracking and asset management systems give managers the information they need to minimise equipment hoarding as the software measures machine work versus idle time, helping management identify underutilised assets. You can also establish “internal rental rates” to financially incentivise employees to return equipment promptly.

A computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) allows you to automate monitoring and scheduling vehicle maintenance. Using a CMMS can make scheduling of maintenance more efficient and reduce administrative labor. The system can monitor maintenance intervals for an entire fleet and provide automatic reminders when scheduled maintenance is due. This proactive approach can prevent equipment failure and unexpected, expensive repairs.

A digital maintenance log is the key to tracking inspections. It puts the reports—along with the entire history of each piece of equipment, engine hours, current location and upcoming service needs—online. You can access them from anywhere in real time. No more flipping through books and manually entering data into spreadsheets. Instead you will always know when inspections are due and when they’ve been completed.

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Our Clients

Trusted by industry leaders worldwide

The perception from many is that it’s just a GPS system, but it’s so much more. The solution is a lot more involved and it delivers so many benefits that go beyond just telling us where our cranes are on a map

- Mike Thomas, Group Operations and Systems Manager, Preston Hire

When the foreman’s on site, everyone works harder. Our jobs are quoted on per meter of pipe laid and already we’re seeing two month jobs taking two-three days less time than before. Extend those savings over a year and that equals approximately $40,000.

- Sebastian Galizia, Quality Engineer, Azzona Drainage Contractors

We immediately noted changes to company efficiency with significant increases in productive hours with drivers, workshop technicians and mechanics and office staff. Teletrac Navman is helping us to trace production hours daily and enhancing our ability to have accurate and timely accounts issued. We are in an industry where every hour is important to us, and the capacity to trace our equipment’s activity is paramount.

- Mick Gore, Director, Gore Earthmoving


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