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TN360 - Scorecard

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Key Takeaways

Designed to analyse the data captured by your telematics devices to provide unique insight into driver performance - from speed and idle time, through to acceleration and braking - drivers are ranked to help you identify high risk behaviours and discover opportunities for improvement.


What is Scorecard

Scorecard enables businesses to measure and run fleet wide benchmarking. Using a mix of performance and safety metrics, the system ranks drivers based on their on-road behaviour. The tool is highly flexible and users can easily set metric thresholds that align with their business objectives.

It shows you who has improved, who hasn’t, and provides the right detail to support individualised coaching programs to personalise training. The solution factors in events and alerts raised in every trip undertaken by each driver.

Driver performance is measured across key safety and efficiency metrics and normalised over distance travelled.

Scorecard is part of the TN360 platform and includes a web-based module for back-office staff and a driver facing application. Driver performance is measured across 6 key safety and efficiency metrics and normalised over distance travelled. The scorecard module allows you to control the points scored for each of the above metrics.

Those metrics are:

  • Speed
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking 
  • Idle time
  • Over rev*
  • Under rest (fatigue)
  • Over worked (fatigue)

Within the easy-to-read interface, you can see who has improved from last week or last month and will allow you to drill down to see each driver’s performance right down to each individual day. This can help with induction and training initiatives by highlighting areas where efficiency can be improved and personalised coaching for drivers in areas that require attention. If drivers are scoring poorly for idle time, TN360’s Insights can be used to drill down and identify the areas where idle time is costing your business money.

For the driver, they gain access to an application on their in-vehicle device. From there, the driver can see their overall score and progress along with the ability to drill down to each individual metric, like harsh acceleration, to see their individual scores and information within.

What are the key features

Key features include:

  • Easy-to-understand scoreboard interface that displays metrics by colour

  • Displays the company and fleet total score by metric across the business

  • Breakdown of each driver’s scores – graphical view by day for the reporting period selected

  • View each individual event that contributes to a metric for each driver

  • Colour-coding ranking per driver to distinguish performance from previous period

  • Ability to set the points by buckets against each metric within the scorecard

  • Easily spot areas of concern or opportunity through easy to understand data

  • Ability to exclude events to adjust the metric’s score!

  • Ability to entirely exclude a metric from the entire company’s scorecard!


How can scorecard help your business

Scorecard in TN360 provides the right kinds of insights you need to help improve your business. The benefits are tangible.

  • Coaching & Training – with real-time insight into your drivers, you can instantly see where each driver can make improvements. With real data, you can provide corrective training and coaching in the areas that make a difference. Providing transparency to the drivers on their performance drives improvements as they strive to be the top ranked driver.
  • Efficiency – with better on-road performance, business efficiency can continue to improve on productivity. The Scorecard metrics are focussed towards improving driver performance and efficiency, meaning less time spent on managing issues and more time spent on productive tasks.
  • Maintenance – with immediate stats into each area of each vehicle, not just driver, you can see how each is being operated. You know the areas your vehicles are harshly used and can keep a better eye on their upkeep to ensure optimal performance.
  • Cost reduction – better driving means better returns. It also means you can help reduce costs. Harsh usage means higher fuel burn, but improved driving habits reduce the rate fuel is used, saving tens of thousands of dollars alone per year.
  • Asset ROI – vehicles are expensive pieces of machinery. Ensuring you get the best performance and longevity is important. With Scorecards, you’re able to keep an eye on each vehicle’s conditions in real-time.

* Hardware dependant. ! This is an Advanced Scorecard feature, additional costs apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to find out more about Scorecard?

Scorecard has been built into TN360 from years of industry input and requests, customer and driver feedback and years of improving on a solution that is also designed to improve safety outcomes for all businesses. The driver scorecard application is a great tool to provide drivers with instant feedback relating to their driving behaviours and can be used by fleet managers to reward good driving habits.

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