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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet & Equipment Management for the Rental Industry

Monitor the performance and health of rented vehicles and equipment.

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Monitor Your Equipment

Keep tabs on how contractors are using your assets

A GPS-enabled software solution provides greater visibility into how customers use your valuable equipment, even in remote locations. Receive accurate data analytics you can count on to protect your investment with an equipment management solution backed by decades of experience.

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Maximise Your Bottom Line

Keep track of your assets

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Bill customers accurately

Know when rental agreement violations occur and when customers abuse or push equipment beyond its limits, which can create risks to your bottom line.

With a tracking solution, you can see how a rented asset is being used and set up alerts when equipment goes down or is misused, so you can more accurately bill customers for additional usage.

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Reduce downtime

By tracking routine maintenance and warnings, you can accurately plan for downtime. A customer may ignore warning alerts in order to keep their project moving forward and their decision can cost you.

Monitor your equipment to know when it requires maintenance and schedule routine service, according to how much it is being used and where it’s located.

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Increase efficiency

Fleet analytics provide visualisation for each vehicle and driver. You can look for patterns that provide opportunities to reduce vehicle or asset idling times and cut down on inefficiencies.

Work with your contractors using clear objective data to educate them on the most efficient use of the equipment they rent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

Tracking equipment maintenance needs is easy with a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS). Follow the manufacturer-recommended service intervals or set your own and receive scheduled alerts and reports with actionable information. Set maintenance requirements on time or usage intervals and monitor vehicles and equipment health in real time.

Telematics can help ensure proper customer billing with real-time location tracking and automated workflows. Set up geofences to know when deliveries are made or service appointments begin and end and use custom forms to collect customer signatures for proof of delivery or other job-related statuses.

GPS location data gives businesses real-time insights into the location, use and status of a vehicle or piece of equipment to improve availability. Stop equipment hoarding and maximise vehicle and equipment performance through a telematics system, which monitors location, usage, ignition status and more.

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