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UK - Business Car - Fleet electrification tool launched by Teletrac Navman
Teletrac Navman has introduced a new tool designed to help fleets to plan and implement EV transitions.
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Global - Press Release - Teletrac Navman Expands Decarbonization Solutions
EVE (Electric Vehicle Evaluator) by Teletrac Navman is an electric vehicle (EV) transition platform that utilizes telematics data and predictive analytics...
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Global - Press Release - Teletrac Navman Helps Fleets Decarbonize With New Expert Podcast Series
Teletrac Navman, the connected mobility platform for industries that manage vehicle and equipment assets, has launched a new podcast...
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Global - CCJ - Driver Distraction, Drowsy Driver Detection, Advanced Support for Connected EVs & More
In this week's CCJ Tech Shorts, new capabilities from Teletrac Navman's AI Dashcam
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US - Lift and Access - Fleet Report
A recent survey from Teletrac Navman reveals a continued shift in worldwide fleets...
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UK - Fleet Point - Managing compliance
According to a recent survey by Teletrac Navman, over the last year, 29% of businesses said compliance was the biggest challenge to their business.
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Global - CCJ - How Telematics Can Improve Operational Efficiency, Driver Safety and Sustainability
Teletrac Navman’s Carlos Caponera discusses the results of the 2024 Telematics Survey and what it means for fleets and trucking.
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US - Bulk Transporter - Teletrac Navman advances AI-powered safety
Fleet software firm adds driver distraction, cell phone use, and drowsy driver detection to IQ Camera video telematics system.
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US - Automotive Fleet - Fleet Suppliers Highlight New Offerings at 2024 NAFA I&E
The announcements from fleet suppliers at NAFA I&E included details on new payment and management solutions for mixed fleets and more.
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UK - Fleet News - Teletrac Navman introduces AI-powered driver distraction detection
Teletrac Navman has enhanced its AI-powered IQ Camera system to include driver distraction, mobile phone usage and drowsy driver detection.
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US - Truck News - IQ Camera to detect distracted, drowsy driving
Teletrac Navman has released its driver distraction, cell phone usage, and drowsy driver detection to its AI-powered dashcam and video telematics solution...
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US - AJOT - Teletrac Navman introduces advanced AI-powered safety features to IQ camera for fleet protection and efficiency
The IQ Camera’s video telematics capabilities can identify behavior, such as mobile phone use, erratic head movements and gaze deviations, and help the...
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Global - Press Release - Teletrac Navman Introduces Advanced AI-Powered Safety Features to IQ Camera for Fleet Protection and Efficiency
AI-Powered Dashcam and Video Telematics Solutions to Combat Driver Distraction and Fatigue
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