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Fleet Management for the Hire and Rental industry

Maximise your bottom line by monitoring your leased equipment

For any company leasing machinery out to other businesses, monitoring the treatment of this equipment is a challenge. In many situations these assets operate in harsh conditions and remote locations, which can lead to deterioration. Teletrac Navman’s GPS fleet management solutions can help you effectively manage leases to ensure maintenance issues are kept to a minimum.

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Monitor your assets

Hire & Rental companies need to know where their assets are and how they're being used at any given time. A static asset such as a generator might be hired on the condition that it will be used 10 hours per day. If the contractor decides to run the asset for longer than agreed, the generator will incur maintenance issues. DIRECTOR enables Hire & Rental companies to monitor their equipment 24/7 even when in remote areas under harsh conditions and without mobile coverage. With this knowledge on their fingertips, businesses can ensure billing customers according to asset usage as well as maintaining them accordingly to avoid downtime and extend machine lifes.

Preventative Maintenance

Drivers and operators will often ignore warning lights alerting them to possible faults, especially if they’re behind schedule on a project. When the machine eventually stops working, they call and request a replacement. With DIRECTOR, Hire & Rental companies can set up maintenance alerts to avoid machinery downtime to know exactly when they require attention and avoid insufficient maintenance no matter how the asset is being used.

Fleet analytics

Analytical fleet data sets captured by Teletrac Navman’s technology can break down the use of every asset and the performance of individual drivers providing Hire & Rental companies with an insight to when, why and how each asset is being used. By educating their contractors, this helps preventing unnecessary idling time and delays to ensure the assets are being used effectively at all times which will be beneficial for both the contractor and the Hire & Rental business.

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