2018 Global Construction Benchmark Report

The Teletrac Navman 2018 Global Construction Benchmark Survey was conducted in January 2018. More than 2,400 fleet operations and fleet management professionals participated in the survey, with 646 contributing their expertise in construction, mining, oil and gas to form this report. Their responses help identify trends and best practices in the industry on a global scale.

A review of the procedures used to compile these results can be found in the survey overview and methodology section at the end of this report.

This year, near-future safety technology is the trend, instead of pioneering “futuristic” technology like autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence. Big data also took a hit this year as organisations focus more on tangible concerns such as equipment theft.


Managing Costs

For a second consecutive year, managing costs and payroll remain at the top of the list for construction organisations as their main business challenge and expense, respectively.


Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion continues to be the most challenging infrastructure issue facing organisations.


Fuel Cost Savings

More than three-quarters of respondents either currently use telematics or plan to do so in the next year. Of the respondents who have implemented telematics, more than half have realized fuel cost savings.


Increased Material and Labour Costs

Increasing material and labour costs remains the top construction concern, while commercial construction became the primary growth opportunity in the industry.



The 2018 Global Construction Telematics Benchmarking Report

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