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Teletrac Navman

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Manage Ownership Costs

Monitor equipment operator and contractor hours, equipment use and more, from the office or in the field.

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Simplify Cost Management

Accurately measure job site profitability and manage equipment lifecycles

Teletrac Navman's equipment management solution provides real-time cost-tracking capabilities so you can focus on the things that really matter. Monitor equipment maintenance costs and hours on job sites, so you can accurately measure job site profitability.

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Hero Img Equipment Management Software 1000X600

Cost of Ownership

Manage Equipment Lifecycles

Maintain digital records of all maintenance and associated costs, and identify equipment that needs to be replaced. With the ability to report on maintenance costs and fuel efficiency, you can make educated decisions about your fleet.

Cost of Ownership
Jobsite Profitability

Job site Profitability

Track your bottom line

Get real-time visibility into where your equipment is being used so you can effectively assign costs to job sites and accurately measure Jobsite profitability. Creating an internal rental process is a great way to minimize equipment hoarding and maximize utilisation.

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