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Electronic Road User Charges: Streamline the RUC Process

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Make Life Easier

Managing road user charges (RUC) takes a lot of time and effort. From managing expiry dates of multiple licences to detective work for calculating off-road travel rebates – there’s a lot to keep track of. Businesses also run the risk of heavy fines for operating with expired licences.

Many businesses spend hours checking, purchasing and distributing licences. This leads to administrative support chasing down truck drivers to check hubos and having to arrange time to collect the paper licences - or even sending them through the post, which adds cost and time delays.

When it comes to rebates for off-road travel, it can be a mammoth task collecting driver records on when and for how long they were off-road, and more hours to fill out the rebates claim form. Many businesses don’t bother and end up overpaying RUC each year – money they could get back.

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You can automate this entire process with Teletrac Navman’s RUC Manager, an electronic road user charges solution.

The electronic road user charges (eRUC) solution manages, purchases, displays and updates RUC licences in real-time. Using NZTA-approved electronic distance recorders affixed to the windscreen of vehicles or fitted to the wheels of heavy trailers, the system calculates off-road activity and pre-populates an accurate RUC rebate form for maximised rebates.

Teletrac Navman’s eRUC solution can be used for trucks, vans, company cars, and even heavy trailers independently of prime movers. An electronic RUC solution helps to streamline the entire RUC process, bringing money back into your business, saving you valuable time and administration efforts, while minimising compliance risk.

Top benefits for your Business

With so many opportunities, electronic RUC management is the right way to go


Improve Cashflow

Purchase RUC licences in amounts that suit each vehicle’s use

Off-road rebate forms automatically prepared as each licence expires

Receive your maximum off-road refund entitlement – every kilometre counts


Save Time

Calculates off-road distances using high definition telematics – no guesswork

Electronic RUC licence purchasing – no paperwork, no manual processing

Setup alerts when licences are about to expire – automatically distribute new RUC licence to vehicle

Automatically prepared rebate forms – simply review all the completed details and submit directly to the New Zealand Transport Agency


Reduce Paperwork & Risk

High-definition GPS data for accurate on- and off-road distance tracking

New RUC licences purchased easily and displayed via an electronic distance recorder (EDR)

Reduces the risk of fines for non-compliance or expired RUC licence

Precise electronic records for auditing

Driver-facing odometer for simple logbook entries


RUC for Heavy Trailers

Mix and match your trailers and prime movers, with independent eRUC licences

Self-contained, sealed device that generates power directly from the wheel’s rotation

No wires and no interference with the trailer ABS, EBS or other systems

Operators can self-install the trailer device