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Telematics Solutions for the Driver

With telematics systems standard in most fleet operations today, it’s important for drivers to fully understand the technology, its purpose and how it benefits them.

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Become a safer, more efficient driver

Get valuable intel and visibility that is key to your success as a driver

When you drive for a living, whether it be a truck, delivery van, or your corporate vehicle, you understand the dangers that exist on the road. Drivers can benefit from advances in fleet management technology through better route planning, improved communication with the office, valuable feedback on driving safety, and much more.

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Fleet Management Software for Drivers

How telematics can benefit drivers

Fleet Management Systems Improve Personal Development, Simplify Routines and Reduce Driver Stress



Stay on the road longer and remain compliant with in-vehicle driver technology that delivers applications that you as a driver remain compliant, from fatigue and mass, to checklists and speed. Our electronic work diary is the leading solution in Australia that is built with the driver in mind. At a glance, drivers can clearly see how many driving hours they have left, when their next rest period should be, and for how long, and whether or not they are at risk of violating fatigue laws. By digitising your workflow with regards to managing speed, mass and load, checklists, you can focus on the road instead of spending time figuring out fatigue and filling in checklists manually.

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Job Dispatch

Job Dispatch

Telematics features can be rich in driver benefits; it's all a matter of how you look at them. Such as getting clear job directions with real-time dispatching and communication can minimise on-the-job disruptions for drivers. And reducing downtime with direct customer and home-office communications can help jobs/trips to be completed more efficiently, getting the drivers home quicker and safely. Real-time routing updates can be delivered directly to the in-cab device when new jobs or unexpected traffic or weather issues arise, minimising the amount of time in the vehicle and alleviating traffic-related stressors for the driver. Using fleet management software can reduce or eliminate time drivers spend filling out paperwork with automated timecards and proof of delivery built right into the system - ensuring no delivery or payroll errors.  

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When you drive for a living, your safety is one of your top priorities. GPS fleet management systems help guarantee vehicles are better maintained, ensure drivers are driving safely and in accordance with all laws, and can even reward drivers who follow safe driving practices. By embracing telematics technology, you can help to build a culture of safety within your organisation.



Perhaps one of the most important driver benefits of a fleet tracking system is the protection it provides. By securely integrating into your business workflow, our fleet management system provides real-time, second-by-second data for you, which protects your drivers from fraudulent claims, while also building meaningful rewards and recognition programs.

The Results Driveers Need

Our drivers have reported:

Green RGB Alert 150X150 53%

Saw fewer safety incidents

Green RGB Driver Behavior 150X150 28%

Saw improved driver behaviour

Green RGB Accident 150X150 26%

Saw reduced incidents

Frequently Asked Questions

We have questions, we have answers

We know you have lots of questions when it comes to using and interacting with your company’s fleet management system. Here are a few of the most common FAQs:

Telematics systems record and analyse a variety of vehicle data points, including location, ignition status, idle time, odometer and engine hours as well as driver behaviours, such as speed, acceleration, and harsh braking or harsh cornering. This information is analyzed and presented to drivers as a safety training aid and can be used to incentivise the better-performing drivers in a rewards program.

A GPS fleet management system helps to automate a driver's workflow, including most of the tasks typically performed on paper with manual calculations. This includes fatigue, where our electronic work diary automatically calculates available work hours based on their previous work and rest, all based on fatigue rules specified by the law. 

Electronic work diaries are part of an ecosystem within the vehicle. If the telematics system finds your GPS position has moved while you're off-duty or resting, an alert is automatically raised to you, the driver, to start work. 

We take user privacy and data security seriously. We are partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide computing resources and data hosting, and our fleet tracking platform is developed to comply with federal security standards. We also encrypt all data that the transfer and only use private APNs provided by our mobility partners.

Telematics is designed specifically to reduce admin time by eliminating paper-based processes, streamlining workflows, and creating a digital fleet tracking ecosystem that’s accessible anywhere in the world. Free up admin time for more pressing matters by automating tedious tasks, such as timecard management, maintenance scheduling and safety reports.  

Using our Fringe Benefits Tax module, you're able to apportion business and personal use direct to the device, allowing the business to easily calculate correct FBT to make the most of the asset. 

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