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Teletrac Navman

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Safety Culture


Cultural Change

Building A Safety-First Organisation

Safety is a priority for every company, but for fleet managers it should be the number one concern. In New Zealand workplaces, vehicle-related incidents are the main cause of death.

Encouraging and enabling all your employees to operate safely is critical, but it’s not always easy. There are deadlines to meet, customers to appease and stakeholders to keep happy. Yet safety is non-negotiable, and over the last few years governments have enacted legislation that makes it your duty to understand and mitigate risks. Compliance not only keeps drivers out of danger, but avoids hefty penalties that will damage your business reputation, possibly forever.

Build Your Solution

Telematics & Procedures

Episode 1: Understanding the technology & creating a safety policy

Everyone says they have a ‘safety first’ attitude, but practising what you preach is another thing. Safety isn’t just about ticking a box and hoping for the best. It’s building a company-wide culture that chooses safety at every turn, from drivers all the way up to management.

Driver Behaviour Metrics

Episode 2: The metrics behind driver behaviour

When it comes to monitoring safe driving behaviour, there are three key metrics that are important to track. These reports will pinpoint drivers that are consistently acting in an unsafe way and help you understand the factors behind this behaviour, so you can work to change it.

Safety & Culture

Episode 3: An interview on safety & cultural change​

What constitutes poor driver behaviour? What are some of the outcomes businesses see from poor driver behaviour?

These are just some of the questions that both Chris L’Ecluse and Shane Suliman dive into, giving insight into how you can benefit operationally from your fleet management solution.

Fleet Management

Episode 4: How can Fleet Management help?

Fleet management software can give you a new world of opportunities; it’s up to you how you action the insights it gives you. In the series final, Shane Suliman gives us an insight into how you can use Teletrac Navman’s solution into your safety culture within your organisation.