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Teletrac Navman

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The Future of Telematics: AI and Beyond


The future of telematics is evolving right before our eyes – and Teletrac Navman is leading that change. Businesses have long struggled to digest the large amounts of data their telematics systems capture, limiting the usefulness of that data and diminishing the return on investment.

By combining artificial intelligence (AI) and data insights with the power of real-time video and advanced sensors, we are overcoming the challenges of the past to allow businesses to take full advantage of their entire telematics system.

Fleet management software is often underutilised due to its complexity and the industry faces three major problems:

  • A long learning curve
  • Limited automation
  • Poor analytics capabilities

At Teletrac Navman, we are changing this by building a new future of telematics - one piece of data at a time.

Customers demand largescale, low-complexity systems that require little-to-no training. Through AI and machine learning, we are shifting how businesses look at and use their data.

From data to decisions: the future of telematics

Businesses with mobile assets need to understand not only where their assets are, but how they’re being used, what condition they’re in, and if something is out of the norm - all in real-time. Relying on humans to interpret high volumes of data is slow and often not possible, leading to delays in corrective actions being taken and opportunities being missed.

TN360 is built on a fast, modern and scalable cloud-based system using the latest technology.

Smart sensors and vision technology are revolutionising the fleet industry, from traffic control to driver safety and beyond, but collecting data is only the beginning.

To move fast you need to use this data to empower your teams to make accurate decisions and the next generation of telematics systems will need to do more than recall and present data, it must also understand the data and automatically analyse it to spot and highlight irregular patterns and potential issues.

There’s a technology solution for the industry’s biggest problems, it’s just a matter of putting those technologies together into one cohesive system. That’s what we’re doing at Teletrac Navman.

Something entirely new

With TN360, we’ve changed everything from data collection to analytics and beyond.

With machine learning and AI, we can start to automate many pieces of the puzzle. Fleets can increase the accuracy of the data they’re producing and make data work in smarter ways, improving driver behaviour, vehicle and equipment utilisation, and safety.

Our smart cameras use AI to determine if a driver is following too closely or breaking speed laws outside of normally posted speed limits. For example, AI can detect when a driver is speeding within a construction zone due to the reduced speed in the area.

Or perhaps a driver’s route is gradually taking longer and longer to complete. AI can see these irregularities before they become an issue. Smart sensors and cameras can recognise those abnormalities and alert management to issues that old telematics systems simply cannot.

What are the next steps

TN360 is the beginning of next-generation telematics, but there’s still more work to be done.

Sensors are becoming smarter every day and we are investing more into automation. When it comes to business intelligence, our job is never done. We are doubling down on our commitment to using data to drive critical business decisions.

As we continue to build TN360, there’s no end to the system’s powerful capabilities. The future is yours, and with TN360, we help ensure you have the insights you need for success.