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Compliance Without The Paperwork

Mastering compliance regulations through intelligent compliance solutions

Compliance Without The Paperwork

Manage your risk effectively with Telematics

Easy. Accurate. Automated. 

The transport and logistics industry has a number of laws and regulations in place to ensure New Zealand roads are safe for everyone. With the HSWA in full effect, it’s vital that everyone - not just drivers - are aware of their role. You can’t contract out safety and compliance. Luckily, we're here to make your job easier. 

Keeping up with New Zealand's Health and Safety at Work (HSWA) compliance regulations can be difficult and the thought of endless paperwork and filing can be daunting. Yet managing your obligations and those of your staff, doesn't have to be. Teletrac Navman's solutions are developed to help your business succeed and see operational efficiencies from compliance. 

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Compliance Matters

Everyone in the supply chain, from directors and managers to contractors, suppliers and drivers is responsible for ensuring operations are compliant and running safely at all times. HSWA recognises that to improve our poor health and safety performance we all need to work together. If a driver is involved in a serious incident, ignorance will not be an adequate defence. You can’t contract out safety and compliance. How do you ensure that the links in your chain don’t come undone and put your business at risk? To ensure you meet your requirements, you’ll need to consider the following: 

vehicle maintenance

speed and driver behaviour



Driver Behaviour 

Are your drivers taking adequate breaks? Are your drivers well rested, even outside of work hours, and ready for duty? Are your drivers’ logbooks being reviewed regularly?

Are vehicles well maintained and roadworthy? Are your drivers completing pre-start checklists? Does your service team get ample time to maintain vehicles before they hit the road?

Are drivers operating their vehicles safely? Are drivers adhering to the speed limit at all times? What kind of on-going driver training do you provide?

Having the right tools and information at your disposal makes a huge difference. The data produced by your drivers and vehicles allows businesses to manage compliance proactively, not as violations occur. After all, information plays a central role in navigating the regulatory environment and helps keep you compliant. In the pages that follow we’ll share some key insights, facts and figures around road safety and delve closely into the tools you can implement to help keep your business compliant. 

NextGen; a fully integrated transport solution

nextgen fleet management and compliance monitoring

NextGen provides the tools to empower your staff and drivers to manage their compliance obligations, so you can focus on more strategic initiatives. The solution provides the big data you need to analyse trends and identify exceptions, allowing you to focus your time in the areas that are negatively affecting your business

  • The right data is key to streamlining your operation - know the 5-W’s (who, what where, when, why) to make better decisions and tackle potential issues
  • Seamlessly manage your obligations to compliance and regulatory requirements - visibility of your drivers’ wellbeing with data you can rely on
  • Motivate your drivers to improve their behaviour and manage their own compliance - more aware of their behaviour and the power to mitigate risk
  • Having the right data is key to streamlining your operation - connects with other platforms to give your business a complete view of operations\

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EDLs: Keep your driver risk-free and maintain fatigue compliance

sentinel driver tool electronic work diary

Teletrac Navman's Electronic Driver Logbook solution, doesn't just keep you compliant with NZTA requirements. The benefits goes above and beyond to improve fleet-wide operations and make life easier for you, your drivers and the back office. 

  • Proactively manage fatigue; everyone in the transport chain is able to fulfil their obligations to the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA)
  • It frees up time, allowing your managers and staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives
  • No more duplication! You no longer need to re-key into spreadsheets
  • Audit information can be compiled at the click of a button - missing or damaged paperwork is no longer an issue
  • Built in logbook checker and complete non-conformance report actions

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Cultural Change: Building a Safety-First Organisation

Safety is a priority for every company, but for fleet managers it should be the number one concern. In New Zealand workplaces, vehicle-related incidents are the main cause of death, with 29 people killed while working in or around trucks (according to Work Safe).

Encouraging and enabling all your employees to operate safely is critical, but it’s not always easy. There are deadlines to meet, customers to appease and stakeholders to keep happy. Yet safety is non-negotiable, and over the last few years governments have enacted legislation that makes it your duty to understand and mitigate risks. Compliance not only keeps drivers out of danger, but avoids hefty penalties that will damage your business reputation, possibly forever.

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Health & Safety

Manage driver behaviour and keep your Drivers safe.


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Electronic Driver Logbook

Keep your drivers risk-free and maintain fatigue compliance


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