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Mastering regulations through intelligent compliance solutions

Compliance - a headache?

It’s time-consuming, complex, inevitable and it costs. Compliance is an constant concern for businesses. You have to be vigilant and identify, monitor, respond to, measure and report on an ever-increasing number of strict requirements governed by an intimidating array of regulations. 

Whether it’s meeting your health and safety obligations and ensuring your drivers meet theirs, recoding and reporting information to government agencies, or meeting your own company policies, it has to be done – and done right. 

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Business benefits beyond compliance

Compliance doesn’t have to mean more paper. You can eliminate the never-ending trail associated with the old way of doing compliance. For nearly a decade, Teletrac Navman has developed reliable, automated compliance products to help businesses stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape. Our intelligent, electronic compliance solutions for the transport and logistics industry eliminate human errors and take the weight off your shoulders.

We can help you meet workplace health and safety obligations, comply with insurance requirements, monitor driver behaviour, manage and pay road user charges and schedule vehicle maintenance. 

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Health & Safety

Manage driver behaviour and keep your Drivers safe.