Improve Driver Performance

Train and retain your best talent

Driver coaching programs are proven to inspire safe driving. DIRECTOR helps create a safety program that sticks. The platform provides fleet managers with driver behaviour scores that show how each driver ranks against the fleet. Managers can use this data to coach, correct and achieve improved driver behaviour. By providing employees the tools to be successful, engaged and happy, managers can create a loyal working environment and reduce turnover.

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See how drivers improve over time against fleet averages.


Identify the obstacles in your fleet that stem from poor driving.

  • Rising accident rates
  • A number of fines related to speeding and other unsafe events
  • Growing maintenance costs
  • High rates of vehicle depreciation
  • Inefficient vehicle use

Discuss driving habits with drivers

  • Show drivers their performance trends with scorecards
  • Replay unsafe events so drivers understand their own behaviour
  • Help drivers realise the financial impact of their actions

Create a plan to reward better driving

  • Create safety goals for drivers to hit
  • Track progress with Driver Scorecards
  • Reward progress with predetermined incentives



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