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Driver and Fleet Safety Analytics

Rank driver risk and replay unsafe incidents

The Safety Analytics module in DIRECTOR allows managers to measure driver risk and replay unsafe events. Managers can monitor risk on an individual driver and fleet-wide basis. They can also provide coaching based on replays of unsafe driving incidents. Drivers are assigned an individual PIN to record activities, no matter which vehicle they’re using. The module provides a wide-ranging depth of information needed to properly assess driver performance.

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Safety Analytics ranks performance based on behavior trends.

Event Viewer

DIRECTOR places unsafe driving into context with a playback of individual incidents. The Viewer replays the dangerous driving event on Google Maps and provides metrics indicating speed and G-force. By using a mixture of accelerometer, GPS, and map data, the Event Viewer measures the following unsafe events:

  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Posted speed violation
  • Harsh cornering

In-vehicle Feedback

Drivers are given real-time performance alerts through their in-cab hardware device. The system warns drivers when they are approaching a violation, such as running over the speed limit or sudden braking. It provides an additional visual and audible warning when the violation occurs.

Driver Scorecards And Posted Speed Reporting

Driver Scorecards measure and rank driver performance, helping businesses determine fleet-wide safety behaviour. Scorecards rank drivers based on individual violations. The Posted Speed Report lists speed limit violations per driver, giving an easy, single view of which drivers are engaging in high risk behaviour. Together, Scorecards and the Posted Speed Report allow businesses to:

  • Determine if driver behaviour is improving or worsening over time
  • Easily spot drivers who are not performing safely
  • Compare drivers against company performance averages
  • Determine insurance liabilities by risk level 
  • Improve driver handling to decrease vehicle wear and tear
  • Track drivers’ speed and compare it to the road’s legal speed limit through HERE Map’s API
  • Breakdown posted speed violations


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