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Heavy Equipment Management Software

Connect your assets to the cloud, visualise and analyse your operations, optimise efficiency and profit

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Revealing new roads to profitability

Teletrac Navman empowers heavy equipment operators to maximise revenue, minimise costs and transform your operations.

Our SaaS solutions connect you to your assets, giving you accurate real-time location, status and activity across your entire fleet – on your computer or mobile device.

We put your telematics data to work; enabling you to analyse your asset utilisation and production efficiency, predict maintenance requirements, manage workflow, measure driver performance and safety, and optimise your operations.

All this can be achieved on one platform for your on-road and off-road assets. Our modular solutions enable you to build the right capabilities and benefits into your business when the time is right for you.

Business impacts and benefits

Teletrac Navman solutions have a positive and measurable return on investment for heavy equipment management.

Increase Profit – When you understand where your equipment is and how it is being used you can find efficiencies that will improve profit.

Increase Efficiency – Whether your operation is focused on cycle-time, payload, or staying on schedule, optimisation of equipment and resources is critical. Our GPS fleet tracking software enables your business to learn through accurate data and identify ways to do things better and faster. A recent survey of our customers revealed a reported 30% average improvement in compliance and productivity.

Reduce Cost – Managing and reducing costs are a key part of how Teletrac Navman provides return on investment for heavy equipment management.

Identifying and minimising idle time, monitoring fuel burn, reducing equipment hoarding, ensuring you never lose equipment again, highlighting traffic delays and cycle wait times, reducing wastage, unnecessary wear and tear and equipment downtime. All these factors enable you to drive down costs and delays.

Reduce Downtime – Managing heavy equipment maintenance and utilisation requirements means you can maximise equipment uptime. Identifying equipment that has been used excessively or harshly means you can conduct more thorough inspections or bring forward maintenance accordingly. A survey of our customers found a reported 15% improvement in equipment uptime.

Asset Location & Utilisation

Find assets when you need them with accurate real-time location on a desktop computer or mobile device

Preventative Maintenance Planning

Create a comprehensive, fleet-wide picture of your maintenance schedule which is always up-to-date

Production & Efficiency

Gain a detailed, real-time and historic understanding of your operations and learn where you can achieve efficiency

Safety & Driver Behavior

Monitor safe operations, identify and reward your best operators and manage those that need more training

Electronic RUC

Purchase and manage RUC licenses electronically. Improve cash flow and reduce the risk of expired licenses and fines.