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Teletrac Navman & Civil Contractors NZ announce 2022 Construction Industry Survey results on the state of civil construction - Press Release | Download Report

Transport Safety Adviser

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Transport Safety Adviser

A Practical Guide To Set Up And Manage A Safety Management System

Australia’s modern transport industry sees businesses content with a myriad of challenges from maintaining compliance to meeting customer needs. How do you seek solutions to the issues that lie in-between? By investing in telematics and a comprehensive fleet safety program that can help protect your employees, business and assets, you can reap the benefits that extend far beyond compliance.

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Chapter 1: How to create a comprehensive fleet safety program

Learn how to implements a safety program to ensure performance year-round.

Chapter 2: Fleet safety checklist - 9 steps for minimising risk

Get a comprehensive 9-step checklist that can help you build a safety program along with a glossary of terms you should be familiar with.

Chapter 3: How to use your fleet’s data to predict and prevent unsafe events

Learn the top three ways to use the insights collected by telematics to your benefit.

Chapter 4: How to train and coach drivers on best safety practices

A number of tips for making driver data actionable through training programs.

Chapter 5: 4 ways to lower costs and increase profits through safety management

Four ways that a comprehensive safety program can lower costs and increase profits.