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Teletrac Navman

Change the way drivers interact with the road and environment to create safer outcomes with our Smart Dashcam

Rosewarne Cable Loggers

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Data Blocks

Rosewarne Cable Loggers

 Small Business Reaps the Rewards of Full Fleet Visibility


  • GPS location technology is invaluable on remote work sites
  • Maintenance status reports has saved hours of admin time

  • Keeping employees safe on the road is now a top health and safety objective

Wanting to improve day-to-day operations

Working in the forestry sector, Rosewarne Cable Loggers’ top priorities are health and safety, efficiency, and quality. It’s pivotal to protect workers whilst supporting the forestry industry alongside digitally transforming administration, health and safety, accounts, operations and training services. Coordinating jobs is no easy task. With workers on the road or on-site most of the time and the remote nature of the work, employees face rarely having 3G/4G coverage, making getting in contact with everyone a challenge. Prior to adopting the Teletrac Navman software, when management were notified of incidents at forestry sites or needed to reach someone on the road, they often had to physically go to the site to check-in.

With no real-time updates of vehicle locations or maintenance information of their assets due to the manual nature of the business, they were reliant on their staff to get in touch when they had phone coverage. This meant vehicle status updates, organise tools and assets to be picked up or delivered to forestry sites and location information was sporadic. This meant that staff would spend around 1.5 hours a week ringing around and sending text messages – yet half of the time they were unable to get a hold of the teams on the road due to minimal phone reception at forestry sites. “I would get text messages at night when the team members drove home and had reception again”, says Maree Mitchell, administration assistant at Rosewarne Cable Loggers.

"It’s made my life a lot easier as everything I need is right there in front of me. My day is much more productive as I no longer have to chase things all the time." - Maree Mitchell, Office Manager at Rosewarne Cable Loggers

New insights led to new business objectives

To improve their day-to-day operations and communication, Rosewarne Cable Loggers adopted Teletrac Navman’s software in 2018 to help manage the 23 vehicles over the vast area of North Auckland to Greater Northland. Saving time by doing work on the road has revolutionised their business while being able to see exactly where the vehicles are, without being dependent on phone reception, has saved hours of work each week.

“It’s made my life a lot easier as everything I need is right there in front of me. My day is much more productive as I no longer have to chase things all the time,” said Mitchell

Mitchell and others in the office can now look up the locations of all of their vehicles and organise pick-ups and delivery of equipment when needed. This is incredibly valuable if there’s an incident when they’re in the bush without phone reception, as you can still see where the vehicle is.

The Teletrac Navman software has also highlighted areas of improvements that the business previously was unaware of, such as speeding. Rosewarne Cable Loggers can now see the speed of the individual vehicles, while differentiating between a passing manoeuvre and continuous speeding.

“We give them leeway of a couple of passing manoeuvres, but if it’s a continuous speeding we give the drivers a reminder to watch their speed,” says Mitchell.  The speed reports produced by the Teletrac Navman software turned proactive speed management into a health and safety objective and makes for an effective reference point when talking to the drivers.

The fleet management solution makes it easy to plan maintenance for their vehicle fleet.  Rosewarne Cable Loggers now get automatic activity and status reports, saving them hours previously spent chasing vehicle status updates from drivers. The reports are very helpful in planning maintenance, as they can organise for drivers to have another vehicle while their ute is getting work done, resulting in minimal downtime.

With the nature of the business being constantly on and off road, as well as now having real-time locations via GPS-enabled telematics in the vehicle, Rosewarne Cable Loggers is able to now automate the RUC licence purchases and claims for rebates.

“It’s great not having to go all the way into town to purchase RUC and spending the time to manually get RUC rebates, allowing for the team to concentrate on more important aspects of their daily duties”, says Mitchell. Getting the RUC rebates automatically is a great bonus as a lot of their vehicles spend the majority of their time off the highways.


"When there’s a problem the Teletrac Navman team are always on hand to sort it out quickly"

Optimising business processes

To maximise the potential benefits of the software, Mitchell and the team used Teletrac Navman’s in-software tips, online tutorials and training webinars to learn the software and make the most of the different functionalities. “The Show Me How is awesome!” says Mitchell. “When there’s a problem the Teletrac Navman team are always on hand to sort it out quickly”.

Rosewarne Cable Loggers has embraced the benefits of the Teletrac Navman system, bringing much greater efficiency to many areas of the business, as well as improving the on-road safety of their staff.

“When there’s a problem the Teletrac Navman team are always on hand to sort it out quickly”.

About Rosewarne Cable Loggers

Based in Whangarei, Northland, Rosewarne Cable Loggers is an administration company that supports the logging and roading firm Rosewarne Contractors with administration management, health and safety, accounts, operations and training services.

Rosewarne Cable Loggers & Rosewarne Contractors has a tracked fleet of around 39 vehicles – including utes and vans.