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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management for Services and Specialty Trades

Maximise the amount of work your service team accomplishes each day.

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Total Fleet Control

Fleet management software puts efficiency in your hands

With accurate information about how each member of your service team moves from job to job, you can get them there more efficiently. Ensure employees make it to job sites on time with two-way messaging to adjust routes in real time. Keep costs down while exceeding customer expectations.

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Fleet Tracking Benefits

Enable your service team’s success and provide your best service

Fleet Visibility 570X543

On-time arrivals

Driving between different customer locations throughout the day is unpredictable, even on a good day. Road construction, traffic, customer cancellations, and driver breaks all change the flow of your fleet.

With full visibility into your fleet’s locations and the ability to communicate quickly with drivers, you can reduce many of those unknowns. Watch your customer satisfaction soar when your team arrives on time.

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Business Intelligence Equipment 570X543

Better fuel efficiency

Fleet tracking software shows you how each vehicle in your fleet is used. Activity reports show your fuel usage, idle time, driver behaviour, and routing.

Solid information gives you the power to make changes that achieve better fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Keep vehicles moving along the most efficient routes and educate your service team to drive with lower fuel consumption in mind.

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Driver Communication 570X543

More informed drivers

When the challenges you encounter with routes and customer needs become a guessing game, the ability to communicate with drivers, understand their status, and inform them of any changes to their routes is crucial.

Good driver communication leads to more satisfied employees and happier customers. Get your service team where they need to be, on time, as safely as possible.

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Workplace Health Safety 570X543 (1)

Reduce insurance premiums

Telematics and fleet management software can protect your company and drivers against false claims, reduce insurance premiums and provide another layer of protection for passengers.

Develop a fleet driver safety program designed to measure risk and communicate safe driving principles to your drivers. Record and benchmark against driver data, including poor driving behaviours, assign drivers a score based on their performance, and view incidents in real-time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

Businesses can measure fuel and reduce fuel spend in a number of ways with an integrated fleet management system. Reliable data is integral to a comprehensive fuel-savings program. With a robust telematics system, businesses can monitor engine idle times, excessive acceleration and other poor driving behaviours to reduce fuel consumption and optimise routes for traffic and weather to reduce fuel spend.

Efficiency is key to running a successful remote operation. Telematics can improve remote operations with full visibility into vehicle and equipment location and status, geofencing to limit vehicle and equipment theft and misuse, and secure two-way messaging channels for improved communication with remote employees.

Businesses can improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time updates on delivery or appointment status and using technology to streamline workflows. With visibility into a driver’s location you can update customers in real-time and custom forms allow for proof-of-delivery signature captures and more efficient customer interactions.

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