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Pool Vehicle Management

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Pool Vehicle Management 

Increase your efficiency with a car pooling system

Pooled Car Systems are popular within local councils, federal government departments and agencies, health organisations, or large corporate entities with large numbers of staff based in a central location that are frequently on the road visiting clients or suppliers. By pooling instead of allocating individual vehicles, these cars become a shared asset when they are in the office.

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Effectively Manage Your Car Pool

If you are managing a car pool, with hundreds of vehicles kept at a main depot, how can you ensure they’re being used efficiently? At one end of the scale, some of these vehicles might not have moved for weeks or even months. And, if an employee wants to travel to another site, there’s no incentive for them to find out whether they can share a vehicle with somebody else who is planning to make the same trip.

Our pool car system enables you to lower costs via consolidated vehicle use and simplified management of vehicle sharing. You might have 10 people requiring access, but only need three vehicles to meet those requirements if you manage them efficiently. 

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Streamline vehicle utilisation


Streamline Vehicle Utilisation

You need to ensure that drivers check vehicles in and out before leaving and after returning from a journey. Some people may set up a recurring booking for a favourite vehicle just in case they need it, however if that user fails to check out the vehicle at the time they’ve booked it, nobody knows whether that vehicle has or hasn’t been taken on a journey. With DIRECTOR you can see that the ignition hasn’t been turned on after the booking has been made so you cancel the booking and free up the vehicle for another user. When it comes to checking back in, if it gets within 10 minutes of a user’s scheduled return time and they’re not going to meet the deadline, you can send a notification to the next user letting them know the current user is behind schedule and provide insight to their location. 


Improve Driver Behaviour

Our fleet management software enables you to proactively manage and monitor your policies and vehicle uses. If an angry taxpayer calls and reports a state vehicle driving recklessly on the freeway, a look at the GPS data can determine whether the person who currently has the car booked is responsible and appropriate action can be taken. At the same time, if a driver is consistently speeding and harsh braking, it will soon be revealed through more frequent maintenance cycles and you can offer targeted driver training programs.

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Reduce Costs

You may have multiple business units sharing access to one pool of vehicles, but if data shows one group is using the vehicles more, why should all business units pay equally for this resource? Our pool car system offers an analysis on a per use basis and you can on-bill vehicle usage costs to clients. By linking the booking system with a customer database, the use of a vehicle can be allocated to a particular project, removing manual processes and guesswork.