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Road User Charges Made Easy 

Teletrac Navman RUC Manager is an electronic Road User Charges (eRUC) solution that manages, purchases, displays and updates road user licences in real-time. RUC Manager automatically tracks vehicle mileage and calculates off-road activity, enabling accurate and maximised RUC refunds. RUC Manager enables your business to automate RUC compliance and focus on the things that matter – like running your organisation. 



Automatic Compliance 

Easy Online RUC Licence Processing

With an automated RUC management system, you’ll no longer need to rely on drivers  or manually keep track of expiry dates to maintain accurate records. You can monitor the status of both electronic and paper licences on one screen, so you’re always compliant.


Ian Daniel is a Vice President, APAC at Teletrac Navman.

Ian Daniel is Teletrac Navman's VP for the APAC region. He's the backbone of the brand in APAC, invested all his passion for and knowledge about GPS tracking and the industry into it and was part of Navman Wireless' fleet tracking cornerstone in 2002.