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Teletrac Navman Agriculture Customers

Cambridge Bee Products

How do you find a beehive in the dark? This sticky question drove Cambridge-based bee product producer Cambridge Bee Products to search for a solution.

Here's how Cambridge Bee Products has benefitted from installing Teletrac Navman Technology

  • Meets traceability component of stringent food safety standard
  • Save time and fuel when locating hard-to-find beehives
  • Accurately claim back road user charges (RUC)
  • Improve management of beehive sites

“Overall, our efficiency is way better with Teletrac Navman. We have better communication with our workers and more efficient distribution of vehicles to hive sites. The system definitely pays for itself.” Richard Haddrell, Owner, Cambridge Bee Products

Taratahi Agricultural Eduction Centre

When your fleet is spread across farms from the far North to the deep South, you need a way of keeping an eye on things.

  • Efficiently managing a fleet dispersed across the whole country
  • Tracking vehicles for safety
  • Up to date servicing and maintenance
  • Accurate reporting to management
  • Savings on fuel costs

“The Teletrac Navman system has been absolutely excellent. We can tailor it to our needs very specifically, and the ease of use is amazing.” says Ivan Allanson, National Fleet Manager for Taratahi Agricultural Education Centre.