Teletrac Navman Construction Customers

Preston Hire

Sean Reid, the National Sales Manager for Preston Hire is a man always on the go. He manages Preston Hire specialised construction equipment across four locations in New Zealand: Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington and Tauranga. Reid wanted valuable insight into asset utilisation and operator behaviour, as well as a way of tracking the hire equipment going in and out of his yards. He chose Teletrac Navman because of the excellent and responsive advice. “It came down to the support and the fact that they listened and understood the business and our goals,” says Reid.

  • Maximise revenue through fair and accurate billing based on machine utilisation.
  • Improve safety onsite through monitoring operator behaviour.
  • Manage multiple assists across multiple sites on smartphone or laptop.
  • Build a reputation for transparency and safety.


Contract Landscapes

“Clients often asked us how we could verify that we’d taken a load to the tip, or how many hours our team spent on the job. Now, it’s quick and easy to produce a report that details our team’s exact movements, what time they arrived on site and how many loads they completed that day." said Mark Lyndon, General Manager.

CLL enjoys these benefits with Teletrac Navman:

  • Increased trust from clients
  • Peace of mind against vehicle theft and misuse
  • Accurate timesheets = accurate wages
  • Gains in efficiencies

Kapiti Hire

Two things keep you awake at night when you run an equipment rental business: knowing where your expensive equipment is and making sure you get paid by those using it.

“I wasn’t expecting just how much data Teletrac Navman delivers. The possibilities are quite mind-blowing.” Tim Mikkelsen, President, Kapiti Hire

  • Faster and more accurate billing
  • Improving service efficiency
  • Safer driving habits
  • Providing equipment security and peace of mind

Powerhouse Civil

Since partnering with Teletrac navman, Powerhouse Civil now achieves:

  • A better view of the entire business
  • More accurate timesheets and billing
  • Peace of mind regarding equipment security
  • A system that’s been very easy to install and use

“Because we can see where our vehicles and crews are at any time of the day, we’ve saved money for our business and clients.” Shannon Philcox, Manager, Powerhouse Civil Ltd

Taylors Contracting

Cutting costs was the original reason that Nelson-based Taylors Contracting looked for a GPS fleet management system. But they soon discovered wide-ranging health and safety benefits.

“We’ve seen a downward trend in speeding this year as a result of the Teletrac Navman system.” says Denise Kay, Health & Safety Manager, Taylors Contracting

  • Reduced Road User Charges
  • Improved Health and Safety and risk management
  • Locating and communicating with staff
  • Better staff monitoring

Virgin Concrete

Timing is critical during a big concrete pour. Multiple concrete trucks have to arrive at carefully timed intervals. Managing Director Suzy Fisher says she doesn’t know how they managed without the Teletrac Navman GPS tracking system.

“We get concrete layers and builders ringing up saying ‘how far away is the truck?’ Previously we had to phone the driver, who would have to pull over to take the call, but now we just look it up on in the software."

  • Enables efficient and timely fleet management
  • Improves safety and compliance
  • Provides proof of off-road usage to claim back RUC
  • Improves maintenance scheduling and efficiency

John Jones Steel

Structural steel: big, heavy, demanding. When your business is fabricating, transporting and erecting structural steel across Canterbury and beyond, you need to know where your vehicles and machines are and that they are safe to operate.

  • Tracking maintenance and certification to ensure safety
  • More effective utilisation of a diverse fleet of vehicles and heavy machinery
  • Accurate recording of charge-out times
  • More accurate RUC claims

“Teletrac Navman allows us to provide a much more accurate costing when we are bidding for future jobs.” Frank Van Schaijik, Managing Director of John Jones Steel