Teletrac Navman Transport Customers

Swanson transport

Swanson Transport Ltd is a specialist hiab and general freight provider and operates across the greater Auckland area carting a range of manufacturing and construction-related products.

Swanson Transport enjoys these benefits with Teletrac Navman:

  • Streamlines the RUC licensing and rebate process to save time and improve cashflow
  • Improves safety onsite through detailed electronic forms and engine data
  • Gives in-depth insight into vehicle use and whereabouts
  • Integrates smoothly with other digital technology systems

“We didn’t realise how much easier it was going to be. RUC Manager has streamlined everything.” says Jeff Smith, Managing Director. 

Mangonui Haulage

For 18 years Mangonui Haulage has been relying on Teletrac Navman technology. It has reduced costs, keep vehicles on the road, improve safety, change the company culture and streamline its trucking business. 

“We’ve used just about everything Teletrac Navman released for the trucking industry, including its new RUC Manager, and it’s all added to our capabilities and profitability as a company.”

  • More accurate and faster calculations of road user charges
  • Greater visibility of trucks which results in better customer service
  • Improved driver behavior

A.J. Tutill and Sons

Here's how A.J. Tutill has benefited from installing Teletrac Navman technology

  • Integrated freight management and fleet management systems provide highly responsive customer service
  • Allows customers to log jobs online, improving efficiency and the customer experience
  • Significant savings through claiming back RUC for off-road driving
  • Full visibility into where drivers are, when they got there, what they’re doing and why

“It’s been a revelation for us! Now by using the Teletrac Navman system suddenly we’re getting money coming back.” says John Tutill.

Rigs N Things

Servicing and maintenance is really crucial in the life of a truck, particularly for rental trucks.

“Teletrac Navman makes it so simple. I just print a report out of the system and give it to my clients along with the bill. It has really helped us with cashflow.” says Merv Hooper, Owner, Rigs N Things

  • Increased cashflow through accurate billing
  • Better service and maintenance scheduling
  • Greater monitoring for safety and service
  • Improved customer interactions

Nelson Petrol Distributors

Maintenance plays a core part in better risk management and improved health and safety practice for Richmond-based Nelson Petrol Distributors (NPD).

Here's how Nelson Petrol has benefitted from installing Teletrac Navman Technology

  • Meeting stringent certification and safety requirements to conform with Land Transport Rules
  • Keeping a complex range of maintenance needs up to date
  • Improving driver safety
  • Significant savings through claiming back RUC for off-road driving

“Teletrac Navman allows us to provide a much more accurate costing when we are bidding for future jobs.” Frank Van Schaijik, Managing Director