Download the 2019 Construction Industry Survey Report

a joint research project commissioned by Teletrac Navman and Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ)

Results from the 2019 Construction Industry Report, a joint research project commissioned by Teletrac Navman and Civil Contractors New Zealand (CCNZ), reveals that uncertainty in the pipeline of new projects is also impacting on the job security of Kiwis in infrastructure jobs – an estimated 60,000 people.  three waters, public transport and road safety improvements to bring financial certainty and stability to the industry.

The 2019 Construction Industry Report will be discussed by an expert panel at the CCNZ annual conference in Rotorua. The survey garnered responses from business leaders and managers within the construction industry and gauged attitudes on a wide range of issues including current events, staff and skills, and construction technology.

Clearer Pipeline

Over three quarters (77 percent) of respondents thought the most positive impact on the industry over the next three years would be the development of a clearer pipeline of government and local government work.

Increase Capability

Close to one-third (27 percent) of contractors will be looking to increase their capability in three waters projects (freshwater, stormwater and wastewater), followed by roading and residential (both 18 percent).


Respondents indicated that fewer new staff will be needed in the next 12 months, than in the previous two years. In 2019, 12 percent anticipated a staff decrease and only 4 percent would hire eleven plus staff.

“A clearer, more reliable flow of work and projects brings certainty to both businesses and people in the industry, enabling them to undertake the important work needed in updating and improving New Zealand’s infrastructure. If contractors are unable to see when proposed projects will come to market, this prevents them from investing in their businesses,” says Peter Silcock, Chief Executive at CCNZ.

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