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What is Field Service Management?

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Modern businesses have a range of vehicles, equipment and people on the move at any one time. Using GPS tracking technology and intuitive software, field service management is how you can balance dynamic demands and efficiently allocate resources where they are needed most.

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Why use field service management?

For mobile workers, the office is always changing, so they need technology that brings the office to them. They need mobile technology to send and receive information when they’re out in the field.

Businesses with staff on-the-go need a detailed overview of staff and vehicles across the city, or country, in real-time. The software collects highly accurate data that provides businesses with an accurate big picture view of their assets. These insights assist in improving business productivity, helping to save time, resource and money. 

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How does field service management work?

Using specialised in-cab devices specifically designed for mobile staff, workers can efficiently input information and send this straight back to the head office, along with detailed time and location stamps from GPS vehicle tracking devices. This input ranges from simple start and finish times and instant two-way messaging, to signature capture, engine performance monitoring and more.

Powerful software receives this information and presents it to dispatch and management, so they can make informed decisions. Office staff can also input information, use navigating tools and set alerts so that it reaches field workers in real-time. 

What are the benefits of good field service management?

Good management means effectively allocating and tracking tasks, mobile workers and vehicles with comprehensive data collection. It improves your ability to provide high quality service to customers and streamlines work processes for both mobile and office staff. Over time, businesses can analyse patterns to see how their business is operating, which processes and behaviours are costly for the business, and which are beneficial. Any inefficient processes and behaviours can then be optimised to achieve greater business efficiency and productivity overall.

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Does field service management help improve staff productivity?

The built in GPS technology in field service software lets businesses know where their vehicles are at all times. This makes it easier for businesses to monitor the time workers spend on site and how long it takes for workers to get to the next job, or back to head office. 

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Does field service management keep workers safe?

Construction companies must also think beyond heavy equipment and machinery. Asset tracking to manage over-the-road vehicles can also deliver bottom-line savings.

With data on speeding and harsh braking and cornering, fleet managers can address unsafe driving behaviours resulting in accidents, fines, increased fuel usage and higher insurance costs. Asset tracking can also help with route optimisation, routing drivers around weather, traffic and other road hazards, so drivers can choose the safest way to go. By identifying and coaching drivers, one customer saved 10% in diesel costs in the first year of asset tracking.

Using asset tracking to collect data from heavy equipment and on-road vehicles can help construction companies manage assets and drive efficiency across multiple projects and jobs sites to increase productivity and decrease costs.