Vehicle Analytics for Fleets

Know the symptoms before they become a problem

No one likes surprises when it comes to maintenance and fuel use. DIRECTOR helps you avoid last-minute shocks and trips to the mechanic with predictive vehicle analytics. Recognise the signs and address them before a problem raises its head. Keep your vehicles on the road and out of the garage.


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DIRECTOR sends alerts for all pending maintenance items.


Maintenance schedules ensure vehicles are regularly tuned and remain productive assets to the business. DIRECTOR’s calendaring tool lets users set service intervals based on engine hours or odometer readings. Users receive alerts regarding pending items per vehicle. DIRECTOR can also record completed services and associated costs for clear accounting. Scheduled services can include:

  • Brake inspections
  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Realignments
  • Fluid checks

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

DIRECTOR constantly monitors vehicle status and engine diagnostics. Our hardware can connect directly to the JBUS or OBD-II port, providing fault codes straight from the engine for you to review. DIRECTOR also captures and displays data collected before and after an engine issue for root-cause analysis. Recognise potential issues early on to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Fuel Management

Excessive fuel use can point to numerous different inefficiencies. Poorly maintained vehicles, needless idling, and indirect routing can all build up to a hefty fuel bill. Unsafe driving habits, including speeding and harsh acceleration, can also burn an undue amount of fuel. DIRECTOR records all these behaviours through reports and alerts to help managers take preventive measures. 

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