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Dots on a map? There’s a lot more to GPS fleet management than just knowing where your vehicles are. GPS Integration allows you to see how long drivers spend on the road and onsite, their driving behaviour, how much fuel they consume and when their vehicle is scheduled for a service, is a great start for improving driving efficiency across your entire fleet.

But the big leap forward is the integration of GPS fleet management systems with other business systems. Custom integrations can greatly increase efficiency by aligning existing business systems with GPS tracking to automate processes and push the data you’re collecting to where you need it. You can easily pass information between systems without having to collate or compare data which frees up staff to work on more meaningful tasks. Let’s look at some examples.

What if you’re a local council with a sizeable fleet of pool cars?

Integrating your pool car booking system with GPS fleet management will greatly improve fleet visibility. It’s much easier to reallocate vehicles that have been booked but are not being used. You can identify inefficiencies where people are repeatedly travelling to the same place at the same times in multiple vehicles, and also pinpoint any drivers responsible for reckless driving. Distance can be automatically captured against the booking for cross-departmental billing

How about a transport firm calculating wages?

You have lots of people out in trucks and vans all day driving. How do you accurately measure their award rates ensuring you have correctly calculated normal vs overtime, loading or unloading, km rates and LAFHA? The solution is to integrate with an online payroll solution which integrates with our GPS tracking solution to give accurate start and end times and automatically calculate and award rates for the drivers. This saves time and creates honesty and accuracy. The output is a file that can go straight into your payroll.

Freight delivery?

Auckland-based freight company A.J. Tutill integrated its freight management system with its Teletrac Navman fleet management system. The integrated system allows clients to place job orders online, and track and trace consignments from pickup through to delivery.

The freight management software is linked with the warehouse and despatch system, which together with Teletrac Navman, provides a complete freight and fleet management solution. The integration has helped A.J. Tutill to always deliver freight on time, and that matters because exceptional service to clients is its point of difference.

And how about those pizzas?

Customer experience is crucial in the hyper competitive world of fast food. You can improve customer experience and increase loyalty by integrating GPS fleet tracking with your customer-facing applications.

Domino’s Pizza turned to Teletrac Navman to integrate its pizza ordering and making system with a Teletrac Navman-built GPS Pizza Tracker to track deliveries. The integration of these technologies allows Domino’s customers to follow their pizza all the way from order to delivery, dramatically improving the experience for customers .

Dominos also wanted to ensure their brand was protected and their staff were safe through managing driving so Teletrac Navman built a comprehensive speed and driving behaviour solution which allowed them to add this into their staff incentive program. Safer drivers and happier customers is a benefit for everyone!

Transformative integration

Integrating your business systems with your telematics system allows you to streamline your business by providing accurate, actionable data, and reducing the time and effort you spend on manual processes. The biggest benefits are seen in:

  • improved accuracy through removing manual processes
  • improved timeliness through instant access to the data
  • automation of processes allowing reallocation of staff to more meaningful work.

And that’s got to be good for business.

To learn more about how integration can help your business, download our "Connecting The Dots" ebook.

Teletrac Inc. and Navman Wireless are now merged as a global telematics powerhouse. This content was created prior to the unification of both brands.

Daron Brinsdon is a National Integration Solutions Manager at Teletrac Navman.

Daron Brinsdon is National Integration Solutions Manager at Teletrac Navman. With a passion for technology, Daron spends all his time tirelessly with clients who are in need for a custom, integrated GPS solution. If he's not out developing the latest switch to extract data from pieces of plant or machinery that will improve the operation of your business, you'll find him kite surfing.