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Electric Vehicle Evaluator

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Electric Vehicle Evaluator

Lay the Foundation for Your Energy Transition

The Electric Vehicle Evaluator (EVE by Teletrac Navman) is a predictive analytics platform that utilises telematics data to build an electric vehicle transition plan that supports your sustainability goals.

By analysing a wide range of data including dwell times, vehicle duty cycles and trip locations, EVE by Teletrac Navman learns how your fleet operates, identifying the vehicles you can transition to electric without disrupting the way you work.

The platform also forecasts electricity demand across target sites so you can create a cost-effective charging infrastructure plan that will keep your fleet moving.

Key Benefits:

  • Use your telematics data to build an electric vehicle transition plan
  • Identify the vehicles you can switch to electric and vehicles requiring other energy solutions
  • Build cost efficient infrastructure plans that ensure you have access to the required energy based on site fuse limits and varying base load
  • Understand if battery storage or grid upgrades are required to meet your energy requirements
  • Easily develop a transition business case based on infrastructure cost, vehicle ownership cost and vehicle replacement schedules
  • Flexible solution that allows multiple scenarios to be explored, covering different battery sizes and charging powers, to ensure you develop the most effective plan for your business

Key Features

Feasibility Planner

Identify the vehicles that you can transition to electric based on their ability to complete daily activities and uncover the most cost-efficient combination of battery types and charger powers. The highly flexible tool allows you to adjust modelling based on cargo load and also factors in auxiliary power requirements.

Infrastructure Design

Flexible infrastructure planning application that uses predictive analytics to model the most cost-effective charging infrastructure to support your electric vehicle transition plan. With the capability to factor in weather conditions, different charger powers, site charge fuse limits and varying base load you can build a custom infrastructure that will keep your business moving.

Financial Planner

Detailed cost analysis module that compares vehicle ownership cost between internal combustion and electric vehicles. The tool provides a detailed overview of the vehicles that are more cost effective to transition to EV, a roll out plan factoring in current vehicle replacement times and an overview of Capex requirements to support the transition plan.

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