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Teletrac Navman

Change the way drivers interact with the road and environment to create safer outcomes with our Smart Dashcam


Data Blocks
Data Blocks


 Hardware for your AI-Powered Platform

From light duty vehicles to heavy duty vehicles, TN360 offers the benefit of an AI-powered platform to help you derive metrics key to your business from your vehicles and drivers. Specially developed for use with the TN360 platform, the VT101 takes key information such as trip miles, vehicle engine data, and safety data and sends it to the platform where you can easily view current status, alerts and ask detailed questions through Insights or pull customised reporting.

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VT101 Features and Benefits

Powering Insights Through Data Capture and AI

Data Capture

Turning Data into Decisions

VT101 captures key data from your drivers and vehicles, including harsh driving events, vehicle performance and maintenance, and delivers it to the TN360 software platform that transforms this into insights for your business.

  • Get second-by-second tracking for real-time vehicle status updates

  • Capture safety events such as harsh acceleration, braking and cornering, via the gyroscope and accelerometer

  • Wide range of modules to improve your operation by digitising workflows, from jobs and routes to fatigue and speed

  • Allows for general purpose input / output (GPIO)

SA UK Fuelanalytics 570X543

Powering Insights

Together with the AI-powered TN360 platform, the VT101 enables you to access business insights through easy to use analytics tools.

  • Analytics powered by artificial intelligence aimed at providing you with real-time information

  • Question-based search which “learns” about your business and instantly answers your questions

  • Visualised analytics into key performance areas including productivity and safety

  • Customisable reporting for trip details, driver events, vehicle performance, maintenance, and alerts

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Integrated Apps

The data captured via the VT101 also powers the TN360 driver application that keeps you connected with your workforce throughout the day. Your driver and vehicle data is all available in real-time.

  • Stay connected with your workforce through a flexible suite of applications delivered directly to drivers to complete their tasks with ease

  • Ability to integrate with third party solutions for assistants, automation, freight management, optimisation and business systems

Technical Specifications

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Vt 101

Tracking: Second by second data

Firmware Updates: Over the air

Installation: 3-wire install, professional install with automative adaptor cable

Certifications: RCM, Telstra Network Approved 

Ratings: IP4x

Vt 101

Size: 25mm high, 126mm wide, 65mm deep

Weight: 150g


Connectivity: 4G Global LTE CAT M1 / NBO / GPRS


Battery: 1300mAH LiPo

Operating temperature: -20 to 60˚C

Record Storage: 8MB

Accelerometer: 3-axis MEMS

Antenna: Internal cellular and GNSS

Input/Output: 3/3

LEDs: 1

OBDII Protocols: IOS 15765-4, J1708 and ISO-9141 

Supply Voltage: 6VDC - 48VDC


Your Success 

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Your Success 570X440

The best thing about the GPS tracking was that it solved any customer dispute over their invoice. They couldn’t argue with the timekeeping of the GPS system, and therefore we retained valuable revenue.

- Hiab Transport

Teletrac Navman is the first system I’ve used in my job, and it’s very easy to use. Before, the driver and back office would have to write down details of the truck’s maintenance, now it’s just a press of a button. I even get a text or email notification if there’s a fault with a truck. It just works.

- Herberts Transport

Gaining greater transparency has been a major win, both in the equipment tracking area and for driver safety. Clients really value transparency and innovation.

- SouthRoads


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