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Teletrac Navman

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In-Vehicle Driver Technology

Empower your drivers to manage their compliance and provide a means for them to complete their tasks with ease.



The Ultimate Tool for the Future of Transport

For truck drivers, your cab is your office. Teletrac Navman’s in-cabin managed environment is a 7” in-cab tool for the driver, designed to help maintain compliance (whether fatigue, speed, mass or maintenance) and provides an execution platform for drivers to complete tasks.

The solution eliminates paper-based checklists (or forms), stores documents electronically and ensures constant communication with instant messaging, all in real-time and immediately available for the driver. Used by tens of thousands of drivers across Australia and New Zealand, the managed in-cab environment is a proven and dependable driver tool that improves productivity, safety, compliance, and communication.

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in vehicle driver device


The Benefits of a Managed In-Cabin Environment

Improve Safety

  • Intelligent fatigue management and driver work/rest hours via EDLs.
  • Proactive vehicle maintenance ensuring vehicles are safe and efficient.
  • Real-time driver feedback to optimise on-road performance & reduce speeding violations.

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

  • Automates previously manual tasks, by giving drivers a digital platform.
  • Complete freight management workflow that optimises the driver’s tasks for the day.
  • All-in-one device that stores documents, provides a means for driver identification, voice
    and text communication and recording regulatory information.

Reduce Compliance Events & Risk

  • Meet Health and Safety at Work regulations and demonstrate due diligence in management of Chain of Responsibility laws.
  • The one driver tool to help manage fatigue, mass, maintenance and speed with ease.

Transform Your Business

  • A modern, efficient and connected business that utilises technology and its data to reduce costs, improve on safety and increase performance.
  • Achieve new levels of service excellence to improve your customer satisfaction.


A Device Designed for Ease of Use

The managed environment consists of a device that is specifically designed for forward-thinking transport operators to help connect them to technology and a new world of information. A modern, efficient and connected fleet can measure costs, safety and performance to achieve new levels of service excellence and profitability.

▲ Identify and mitigate risks – with real-time information, you can identify areas of risk that only telematics data can give you and the opportunity for you to put policies and procedures in place to mitigate those risks.

▲ Identify and mitigate risks – with the data that is produced both automatically attained (location, time, etc.) or driver inputted, you’re able to gain a window into the operation previously unobtainable.

▲ Increased Profit – a managed environment provides a view into job execution to help the driver complete tasks with ease. Paired with turn-by-turn routes and driver navigation, you can reduce costs and build a world of new efficiencies.

▼ Reduced Costs – by providing real-time feedback, you’re able to coach your drivers to optimise their driving habits to reduce costs in fuel and vehicle maintenance.

▼ Reduced Downtime – drivers are able to complete daily pre-trip checklists on the conditions of the vehicle, meaning your service team and maintenance processes improves tenfold. The business will benefit from a more automated approach to maintaining the fleet.


What Does A Managed Environment Look Like?

With the advancements and innovation in technology, comes complexity. Teletrac Navman’s managed in-cab environment offers a powerful yet vastly simplified solution for the transport and logistics industry. The solution provides an end-to-end managed environment that takes away the need for businesses to manage, even understand, the complexities of mobility. Software updates, compatibility issues, remote fault finding, and support are all core services that are included as standard within the bundled price.

in vehicle managed environment

The benefits to the business

  • Low effort for high reward – included in the bundled price
  • Ability to focus on the business and not the technology 
  • Helps to ensure drivers are using business tools
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Provides the ability to troubleshoot devices with professionals
  • Ensure security – protect your data and its integrity
  • Control who can access the information
  • Forget about compatibility issues 
  • One-stop-shop for support and training

Issues you may face without a managed environment

  • Responsibility for updates when available
  • Incompatible applications
  • Drivers using devices for non-business functions 
  • Hardware redundancy and devices being superseded
  • Infinite range of devices – which to choose?
  • Multiple back-office logins to service the in-cab app
  • Integration and workflow issues
  • Cost of ownership, cost of downtime
  • Who do you call for support? 
  • Multiple vendors can cause issues with who can help


What does a managed environment include?

  • A secured and completely locked down device
  • Automatic & on-going software updates over-the-air
  • Service desk available for trouble shooting
  • Help with the management of devices
  • Remote control, over-the-air devices
  • Device, profile and asset management
  • Provisioning, enrolment and grouping
  • Nationwide hardware warranty
  • Tracking & location


What Can You Do With The Solution?

Teletrac Navman’s in-vehicle managed device gives power to the driver, while providing a new world of data to the back-office, all in real-time. From fatigue management and driver behaviour, right through to real-time routing and communication, you have all the applications you require to optimise the business.


Electronic documents available 24/7 – reduce the paperwork required to be stored in the vehicle

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Digitally complete any kind of form
direct on the device


 Instant driver to back-office communication

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Record vehicle maintenance and driver readiness for duty electronically to help stay compliant

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Electronic Driver Logbook

An electronic driver logbook designed to help drivers manage fatigue in real-time

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Job dispatch and execution solution that allows drivers to complete their jobs with ease

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SmartNav: Navigation

Complete turn-by-turn spoken word navigation with real-time routing functionality


Instant driver behaviour feedback to help prevent speeding


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