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How To Use Technology to Stay Compliant

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Compliance can be a major headache – it’s time-consuming, complex and costly to adhere to. But staying compliant is vital and reliable records are important when it comes to audits and avoiding costly penalties. Teletrac Navman’s fleet management software is the technology you need to help stay compliant.

RUC Manager

Teletrac Navman’s RUC Manager is an electronic Road User Charges (electronic RUC) solution that manages, purchases, displays and updates road user licences in real-time. RUC Manager automatically tracks vehicle mileage and calculates off-road activity. This information is then automatically populated into a claim form that is emailed directly to NZTA, enabling accurate and maximised RUC refunds. This saves your business hours in admin time and the rebates can boost your profit margins.

The RUC Manager solution has full backend integration with NZTA. Teletrac Navman provides seamless RUC Management with NZTA tested and approved electronic payment security. You can rest assured that your money is going to the right place.

Predictive maintenance

Fleet management software pulls together engine, time, and location data in an easy dashboard, so fleet managers can identify which vehicles need maintenance and keep a complete record of servicing and registrations.

Electronic tracking accurately records machine hours and mileage, unlike paper records where drivers or operators can easily make a mistake. It can also include integrated fault code monitoring, providing alerts to engine problems before they become a problem. This helps fleets stay ahead of required and preventative maintenance, lowering odds of a malfunctioning or broken piece of equipment that can put an entire project on hold. It also ensures they stay compliant with any relevant regulations and reduces risk of injury related to issues like a loose machine guard or by machinery abruptly shutting down.

Using alerts, managers can track and schedule regular maintenance to keep the fleet safe and compliant to road standards, which helps your business meet workplace health and safety obligations too.

Electronic logbooks

Electronic logbooks cut down driver’s admin time and makes it simple for them to keep an accurate record of time, location, work hours and rest hours.

An NZTA-approved electronic driver logbook such as our Sentinel application makes it easy for drivers to accurately log start, stop and rest times. There’s no need to spend hours filling in a complex paper logbook, drivers know exactly where they stand, and your operations staff can be fully aware of a driver’s availability to work under workplace health and safety laws.

Another bonus of the Sentinel is that drivers log into the application, meaning if they don’t have one specific truck that they drive, they don’t have to worry about carting around a paper logbook or an electronic device. Nor do driver have to worry about incurring fines or demerit points for not being able to produce a logbook for police inspections.

Teletrac Navman has a suite of solutions that can help business stay compliant. Our technologies work together to connect the driver, the truck and the worksite to the back office. With Teletrac Navman’s compliance focused software, your business can minimise on admin time, while maximising profits while staying compliant to workplace health and safety regulations.

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