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Optimising On The Go: Driving More Benefit Using Mobile Technology Solutions


Mobile technology solutions put the power of immediacy at our fingertips, and this has been a good thing for the rapidly evolving transportation industry. Mobile solutions have, in various forms, been in existence within the transportation industry for many years. For example, couriers might use a mobile solution to provide proof of delivery by scanning a package and having the customer sign electronically. That same courier can be alerted via the mobile device for pick-ups en-route, saving fuel by not making separate trips, while also improving customer service and convenience. 

Mobile technologies have a lot to offer the trucking and logistics industries. Some companies may need to calculate distance from city centre to city centre, and if the customer is located in a different area of the city or an area difficult to navigate, the difficulties for billing and pricing jobs increase. Obstacles such as some vehicles not being allowed to travel on some roads, heavy traffic, cargo restrictions or low bridges and other obstructions may lead to choosing alternate routes that may not necessarily be the most cost effective. 
GPS fleet management solutions give trucking and logistics companies the ability to drive more efficiencies from their fleets. Mobility has put the power of GPS fleet tracking solutions at the fingertips of fleet managers, wherever they are.

“Mobility is at the heart of fleet management. We have taken what has been historically an at-a-desk job, and made it mobile. By allowing fleet managers the ability to use a smartphone to manage their fleet, we have empowered businesses to increase productivity” says Sid Nair, Senior Director, Transport and Compliance, Teletrac Navman.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions provide accurate information on the go. This might be: 

•    determining the optimal route for the current day’s traffic conditions, detours and other issues
•    intelligently choosing the ideal route for each shipment while logging the exact distance travelled so the customer is charged a price based on actual distance rather than estimates

What matters is getting accurate information in real time as this allows fleet managers to make decisions that improve optimisation and efficiency. 

The Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR fleet management software is completely mobile. With both Android and iOS versions, the app allows managers to track their vehicles, manage utilisation data and gauge their fleet’s safety in the palm of their hand.
Taking this one step further, Teletrac Navman DRIVE is a suite of in-vehicle applications built to enhance driver efficiency, productivity and safety. The apps helps drivers stay on task via a wide range of in-cab tools, such as voice-activated navigation, instant two-way messaging, signature capture, engine performance monitoring and driver fatigue record keeping. Fleets can experience faster response times and proper vehicle usage contributing to overall fleet performance. 

Trucking and logistics companies are striving to improve business operations in order to better compete in a challenging business environment, and many are consistently trying to modify and update their technology for better efficiencies on the road. Mobile solutions like DIRECTOR and DRIVE take the daily journey with you to help better manage your workforce wherever you are. The added flexibility of using mobile devices to do business helps increase productivity and achieve greater efficiencies. 


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