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TN360 - EasyDocs

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Data Blocks

Key Takeaways

Welcome to EasyDocs from TN360, an application that allows businesses to upload, store, and share important documents across entire fleets and mobile workforces. Stop wasting time looking for documents with this cloud-based, filing system designed specifically for fleets.

What is EasyDocs

EasyDocs is a feature of TN360 that allows users to store and assign documents to certain fleets or types of vehicles, ensuring that the proper paperwork is readily available when and where they’re needed. Drivers can access these documents anytime via the MT201.

It’s accompanied by a mobile app, which provides instant access to important documents, such as:

  • Safety and operator manuals
  • Company policies
  • Permits and Gazettes
  • Compliance documents
  • Legal documents
  • Delivery instruction
  • Site-specific information
  • Driver-related information

What makes EasyDocs different

Built specifically for companies and fleets on the go, EasyDocs provides access and visibility into the documents your team needs, when they need them.

EasyDocs allows users to manage their fleet and documents in one application, making it easy to distribute documents to drivers. For example, if you have a vehicle operator policy for vehicles of a certain class, you can update the document in TN360 Easydocs and assign it to all vehicles of that class.

The solution also enables you to send drivers specific documents based on activity recorded within the application, such as sending a customer site safety checklist to a driver when they enter a customer site. This type of automation wouldn’t be possible if your vehicle data and documents lived in different platforms.

How can EasyDocs help your business

EasyDocs offers a central location for your most important documents, accessible from virtually anywhere in the world.

Important features of the platform include:

  • Document management: Ensure all drivers have up-to-date documents with built-in version control in a central location.
  • Push documents: Ensure vehicles and drivers have the correct and most current documents for their job and/or vehicle class. Easily push documents to one vehicle, or to multiple vehicles via over the air updates. No need to bring vehicles off the road to provide them with new documents.
  • Acknowledgments capability: See if drivers have seen or read important documents and force acknowledgment for safety and compliance. Run reports on which documents have been read.

 An audit trail provides real-time visibility into your documents and helps ensure drivers are staying compliant.

Easy Docs


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