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TN360 - SmartJobs

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Key Takeaways

SmartJobs is a flexible job management tool that is embedded into the AI-based TN360 fleet management environment. It enables businesses to streamline processes by digitising job management and execution. Start your digital transformation and help your team stay on time and on task with real-time information and updates.

What is SmartJobs

SmartJobs is a driver-facing application, available through the MT201 - a driver in-vehicle tool - that operates with the Task Manager module. It provides a user interface for drivers to receive daily run sheets, one off job requests and stay on schedule with turn by turn navigation, clear job instructions and proof of delivery (signature and photo). The solution provides the office team real-time visibility into job status details and automates communication with customers, so your field team can focus on getting the job done.

Key SmartJobs features:

  • Receive multi-job run sheets or one-off jobs
  • Accurate, up-to-date delivery information 
  • Proof of delivery (POD) with signature capture and photo
  • Options for barcode scanning, temperature checking and more
  • Integrates with the application environment, to provide built-in checklists & navigation  
  • Automated customer communication via SMS and email through geofencing
  • Can integrate with your existing freight management systems

What is Task Manager

Task Manager is a function built into TN360 that allows fleet managers, dispatchers and others to create daily run sheets, view delivery status, assign jobs to drivers and more. When paired with SmartJobs Task Manager can digitize burdensome manual processes.

Key Task Manager features:

  • Create jobs within run sheets across your entire organisation
  • See real-time delivery status information, current progress, POD and more
  • Record proof of delivery for payment or invoicing purposes
  • Monitor, add or change job locations instantly

TN360 Smart Jobs and Journey Planner

The power of digital workflow

Manual, paper-based processes delay visibility into crucial data that is needed to make informed businesses decisions. TN360 has been designed to help businesses overcome this and empower teams with real-time information. All of the TN360 apps have been developed to ensure that information captured in the field is automatically synced and made available to the people that need it.

Both internal teams and customers can benefit from digitising workflow through:

  • On-time delivery
  • Job progress updates
  • Proof of delivery
  • Invoicing transparency

Integration and SmartJobs

The need to automate and modernise businesses practices and processes is more important now than ever. It is important to effectively and efficiently manage jobs to allow operators to manage jobs to maximise profitability and improve customer service.

SmartJobs is a flexible job management and execution solution designed to operate with Task Manager, Teletrac Navman’s job management system, or integrate with a Freight Management System (FMS). In line with your operation’s workflow, SmartJobs helps manage the ever-expanding responsibilities by digitising the driver’s workflow.

The solution provides a view for the driver to electronically complete run sheets, from built-in run sheet checks through to proof of delivery. All information is synchronised between the back-office, the driver’s device, and the FMS. It is a powerful yet simple solution to manage jobs. SmartJobs is your one-stop-shop to improve customer service.

Teletrac Navman supports integration with a number of freight management system providers. Get in touch with our team to find out exactly how it can benefit you. For a full list, see the full list of integration partners.

  • JD Edwards
  • SAP
  • CMS Freight2020
  • Oracle Transport Management
  • Tickdone
  • TMW Truckmate
  • Ortec
  • Orcoda
  • Jonel


Build your solution in 30 seconds and see how TN360 SmartJobs and Task Manager can help your business.




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