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Teletrac Navman

Combat High Fuel Prices with Preventative Maintenance


Fuel prices were a major news topic in 2018 and that looks to continue in 2019 as prices stay high. Last year, the Prime Minister pointed out that Kiwis are paying the highest cost for fuel in the OECD! Add to that the RUC licensing cost increases last October and you’re sure to be looking at some growing operational costs.

We can’t change the price of fuel, but fleet telematics can provide you with the tools to save on fuel – such as running an excellent preventative maintenance schedule. Here’s how:

Scheduling and Alerts

With our fleet management software you can set maintenance alerts based on distance travelled, to make sure the hardest working vehicles are being regularly checked and serviced. For example, you can set it so that every time one of your trucks hits 20,000km you can get an email notification that it’s due for a B service.

You can also set time-based alerts for managing all vehicle registrations, WOFs and other certificates needed.

Vehicle Logs and Insights

Our telematics software keeps a detailed record of each and every vehicle, with all info in one place. You can even attach supplementary data, such as electronic pre-trip and post-trip inspection forms and harsh usage reports, to each vehicle so you can identify which vehicles need early preventative maintenance. Keeping an excellent record on each vehicle can help you make informed decisions around upgrading and retiring fleet vehicles.

Data For Specialist Maintenance Software

For those operations running an in-house or third-party vehicle maintenance or workshop management tool, the odometer readings, engine hours and fuel use can be pushed through to generate service items. Failed pre-trip checklist questions can also be sent through to the maintenance system to raise break/fix requests. Teletrac Navman can integrate with platforms such as the TMW owned TMT Fleet Maintenance System and CMS Freight2020.

Engine Data

Our system integrates with engine data, so you can monitor machine health indicators, such as oil and hydraulic fluid quality tests, to identify the warning signs of potential issues before they become a breakdown problem .

Web-based Records

Web-based records mean that fleet managers and other staff can check details on their laptop or phones when they’re out of the office. Unexpected issues can be tackled with easy-to-reach records. Having the vehicle records and files all in one software simplifies out-of-hours issues, staff leave, staff changeovers or office space moves.

Streamline Road User Charges

Our electronic RUC licensing and rebate system, RUC Manager, has been impressing our transport customers:

“We didn’t realise how much easier it was going to be. RUC Manager has streamlined everything” – Jeff Smith, Managing Director, Swanson Transport.

“In a business like ours, we’re not talking a few hundred dollars, we’re talking thousands in rebates. And there isn’t a single bit of paper that needs filling out” - Sean Sparksman, Operations Manager, Mangonui Haulage.

With the right telematics technology in your toolkit, you can run an effective preventative maintenance schedule and maximise efficiency across your fleet.

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