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road user charges

Automate the road user charges process for your business

Teletrac Navman RUC Manager

Teletrac Navman RUC Manager is an electronic Road User Charges (eRUC) solution that manages, purchases, displays and updates road user licences in real-time. The solution tracks vehicle mileage to automatically calculate off-road activity, enabling accurate and maximised refunds. By complying with all NZTA standards and accepted for use in eRUC purchasing and off-road travel refunds, RUC Manager puts money back into your business, saving you valuable time and administration effort while minimising compliance risk.


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electronic ruc road user charges management solution

ruc manager easy road user charging solution


Improve Cashflow

  • Automatically purchase RUC as you need it
  • Maximum off-road refund entitlement

Save Time

  • Automate purchasing and distribution of licences in real-time
  • Automatic off-road tracking and distance calculation
  • Automatically prepared off-road claims emailed directly to NZTA

Reduce Paperwork & Risk

  • Accurate distance recorder with a driver facing odometer display
  • Electronic record of off-road RUC entitlements for auditing
  • Keeps your vehicles RUC-compliant and reduces the risk of fines


  1. A highly accurate GPS device incorporating the licence display is attached to the windscreen. Two-way cellular communication reports the distance traveled and receives the new licences.
  2. Log into one web-based interface for easy fleet management on a desktop computer or mobile device. Automate your RUC purchasing requirements or manage licences from anywhere at any time.
  3. Full backend purchasing integration with NZTA provides seamless RUC management with NZTA tested and approved electronic payment security.
  4. Electronic RUC licenses are automatically updated and displayed on the vehicle's windscreen for police inspection.
  1. Automatic, highly accurate calculation of off-road travel in all locations throughout New Zealand
  2. Review full reporting for licence purchase and fleet status as well as full transparency and auditing of off-road activity by vehicle, summarised for your entire fleet.
  3. Automatically prepared claim forms are completed with all relevant information and emailed directly to the NZTA, saving you valuable time and ensuring maximum ongoing refund entitlements

ruc manager electronic reader


  • Optimises cash flow and puts money back into your business with automated RUC purchasing and accurate odometer tracking to ensure you only buy licenses as and when you need them.
  • Reduces your administration time with automatic licence administration and electronic license distribution directly onto the Electronic Distance Recorder (EDR) on vehicle windscreen.
  • Ensures RUC compliance by ensuring that current and valid license is always on display – no more fines!
  • Maximises off-road RUC refunds with highly accurate GPS tracking and sophisticated off-road mapping for the entire New Zealand road network in an NZTA-approved solution with full transparency and auditability.
  • Enables a new world of Fleet Management possibilities with reliable, accurate high definition telematics data and connected workflows. Your connected fleet can achieve higher levels of safety, service excellence, efficiency and profitability across your operations.

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ruc manager and the connected truck

RUC Manager is part of the Teletrac Navman suite of integrated fleet management and telematics solutions we call “The Connected Truck”.

This includes, optional in-cab driver communication and route-to dispatching with turn-by-turn navigation, driver behaviour and safety compliance including electronic logbook, engine and maintenance data and customised solutions to truly create a 21st century connected business.

You can choose the solutions you want to meet your needs today, with the flexibility to add solutions for changing needs in the future.


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