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Electronic RUC versus Manual RUC

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Data Blocks

Across New Zealand industries such as transport, logging, construction and agriculture are facing stringent compliance regulations which can drive up margin pressure.

Increasing regulatory compliance costs are the second largest challenge facing NZ construction firms, according to our recent Construction Industry Survey  completed alongside Civil Contractors NZ. Another major challenge reported by two thirds of respondents was margin pressure.

Road User Charges (RUC) licencing and rebates are one of the areas where GPS tracking technology can help with both compliance and getting accurate refunds for your business.



Here’s how an electronic RUC solution can solve common paper-based problems:

Problem: You’re heading off-road but only for 2km, then you’re back on road — this can happen several times a day. But each distance is too short to waste time on recording all the details, so you just let it slide.

Solution: All the short off-road trips do add up. After installing and utilising Teletrac Navman’s technology, Professional Farm Services, found savings of around $125 per vehicle per month — that’s $1500 annually. GPS tracking takes the fuss out of recording every little off-road distance and puts money back in your pocket.


Problem: It’s time to submit another RUC refund. The papers are all out of order, only half filled in, and some of the details look a bit dodgy. Calculating and double checking every detail can take hours and in the end, you wonder ‘is the rebate even worth it?’.

Solution: Using RUC Manager makes refunds a breeze. Claim forms are automatically prepared with all relevant information, using highly accurate calculations. These are emailed directly to the NZTA, saving you valuable time and claiming the maximum refund entitlements on a regular basis.


Problem: It’s time to purchase some new licences, but how much do you really need for each vehicle? And when do the last ones expire exactly?

Solution: With an electronic licence display attached to your windscreen, the new licences will be updated and displayed automatically. The RUC Manager will automatically purchase RUC as you need it in optimal amounts for your business. Plus, all the vehicles and licences in your fleet can be also be viewed online using the software.


Problem: Ah not again — you’ve forgotten to check the dashboard odometer. So, after heading off road for a good ten minutes or so, you hazard a guess.

Solution: With highly accurate GPS tracking and off-road mapping for the entire New Zealand road network, you don’t need to keep an eye on the odometer constantly. You can also be sure that the information on your claim form is totally accurate.


Problem: You’ve done all the hard work watching the odometer (or hubo), recording and logging each time you go off-road with the neatest handwriting (yeah right!). But you jump out of the truck and — the paperwork falls in a puddle. Hours are lost and potential refunds destroyed.

Solution: With GPS tracking on and off-road distances are recorded and submitted instantly to the back office. You don’t need to worry about carrying around papers — especially in wet or windy conditions. In the back office, files no longer need to be meticulously filed, wasting time, space and trees.


If you’re spending hours caught up in compliance paperwork, it’s time to talk to us about a telematics solution.

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