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Entertainment For Truckies


Technology nowadays allows us to find, capture, share and experience much of the world at the touch of a screen, so why not use this to our advantage? Thanks to GPS vehicle tracking, the road isn’t such a lonely place for fleets. Here are a couple of ways to stay safely entertained on the road and make the journeys less lonely:

Connecting with family and friends

Being on the road for long periods of time can put a strain on relationships, whether its family or friends, it’s hard being away. But it doesn’t have to be.

Skype offers you the opportunity to connect with a loved one on the spot. How about making a pit stop for a healthy bite to eat and video conference in a family member or a friend to keep you company? Make it a spontaneous dinner date!

Spotify is a great app for any driver to have. Animate your journey with some Journey. Create a playlist and share it with your loved ones and have them share their music with you to expand your musical repertoire.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great outlets to connect with those you miss. Let them know of your whereabouts through social media and engage with them while you’re away sharing photos of the beautiful landscapes that surround you. After all this is New Zealand, it doesn’t take much to get a great nature pic.

Staying fit and healthy

It’s not always easy making the right choice when it comes to food and exercise, especially when our options are already limited on the road, but with helpful apps prompting us to stay fit, it’s almost fun!

After a long journey our bodies can tense up if we’ve been in one position for too long. A decent stretch is just what the doctors recommend. Yoga may have started as a Hindu spiritual discipline but the exercises that consist of stretching, holding specific poses and simple meditation are just what you need after a long day’s drive. YOGA GLO is an app that consists of over 3,800 Yoga classes of all levels and vary in duration from 5 to 120 minutes long. Go ahead and ease into those stretches.

If you’re up for a more dynamic activity like running, NIKE’S RUN CLUB APP offers support for beginners looking to get started to experts who’ve been doing it for years. You can track your progress, get personalised coaching, run with others around the world (through the art of hashtagging) and even receive motivation and encouragement from elite athletes!

Good health is priceless so it should always be a priority. Give these apps a try next time you’re on the road.

Hobbies on the go

For those moments you have to yourself during a pit stop or a mandatory rest break, reading is a handy hobby. You can download your own library to your phone, tablet or Kindle. Or if you prefer a book or physical magazine, that’s good too.

With so much travelling to and fro, there’s a common hobby amongst truckies to start ‘quirky collections’. Key rings, anyone?

Netflix is one of the major reasons we love the internet. Perfect for a quick unwind during a rest stop. From National Geographic documentaries to thrillers and comedies, you’ll have a hard time just like the rest of us in making a choice. Ready the popcorn!

Trucking with canine companions

We may have found the ideal co-pilot for any driver to tag team the ‘ruff’ journeys. That’s right, a puppy! They’re loyal, friendly and will love you unconditionally. Let’s hit the road!

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