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Electronic Driver Logbook

Real-time fatigue management, for productivity and safety

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Electronic Driver Logbooks (EDLs) and Driver Fatigue

Keep your driver risk-free and maintain fatigue compliance

The future of technology and compliance is here to stay. Utilised by some of New Zealand's leading and most progressive transport and logistics operators, Sentinel, Teletrac Navman's Electronic Driver Logbook solution, doesn't just keep you compliant with NZTA and the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) requirements. The benefits goes above and beyond to improve fleet-wide operations and make life easier for you, your drivers and the back office. 

Fatigue Management

Sentinel, An Electronic Driver Logbook, and Transport

Fatigue is one of the most highly regulated aspects of the transport industry and is a major concern in the road freight industry. Fatigue management remains a compliance concern as many drivers experience fatigue on trips, yet it can be the most challenging to manage. The rules can be complex and logbooks can be difficult to complete and keep up-to-date.


Sentinel, an Electronic Driver Logbook

Sentinel for the Back-Office and Driver

A digital solution to meet fatigue compliance regulations in this modern world is required to run an effective, efficient and productive operation.

fatigue management in transport

With an EDL, compliance is made easier than ever. Sentinel is an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform that provides drivers with the ability to comply to fatigue laws and stay safe on the road.

  • Provide drivers with the means to proactively manage their fatigue
  • Better understand fatigue and compliance across the business 
  • Real-time alerts for both the driver and the back-office to help ensure compliance
driver digital fatigue logbook

While fatigue is highly-regulated and a major concern for all in the transport chain, an electronic fatigue management solution helps to manage drivers and schedule their work based on reliable, real-time information and analytics.

  • Intuitive fatigue dashboard with insights into each driver’s available hours and work history
  • Click of a button reporting for easy auditing
  • Real-time alerting of fatigue breaches as they occur, not after the fact
electronic driver logbook

Sentinel is a driver’s tool designed specifically for the transport industry with over ten years of feedback from the industry. Drivers are presented with a simple, informative and real-time view of their own fatigue status. 

  • Easy logging of driver start, stop and rest times
  • Advanced audio and visual alerts of when the next rest break is required
  • Clear display of work and rest events and fatigue rules

The Benefits

Enhance your business with a proactive approach in managing fatigue and compliance

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With Sentinel and Teletrac Navman's in-vehicle device, all driver work and rest status information and fatigue is calculated directly on the device, meaning that no matter where the driver is in New Zealand, they will have real-time fatigue and fatigue information at their fingertips. No connection to a server is necessary or the need for a cellular network is required to calculate and display fatigue. If the driver is out of communications range, their fatigue is still up to date, and once reconnected, it is communicated to the back-office.

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With the power of a digital solution, drivers benefit from audio/visual alerting before they are even required to take a rest break. This allows them to plan ahead and pull up at the next nearest rest stop. This continues to the back-office, where users are able to receive real-time alerts as it happens to the driver. Know when your drivers require a break, are about to go into violation, are driving while they are supposed to be resting, and more. This allows the business to get proactive with compliance and allows the driver to manage their own fatigue in real-time. 

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Fatigue laws, multiple rulesets, and compliance regulations are complex. With an electronic driver logbook, the driver is presented with complete information on their statuses and the rules that surround them based on their current fatigue status and historical statuses. This gives your drivers a better understanding of their requirements around fatigue and helps ensure they don't go into violation. This extends to the back-office system that gives the operations team real-time fatigue information of all drivers, a means to better schedule work based on real driver fatigue information, improve on compliance measures, and so on. An EDL, takes an educative approach to managing fatigue, rather than a penalty system.

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Reducing paperwork and the manual tasks involved is one of the major advantages of going digital. With an EDL, driver's are more accurately able to fill in their logbooks, and feeds in real-time to the back-office. This means that senior management gains a view into their driver's fatigue, as well as administration staff the means to easily check data while the driver is on the road. Logbook checking, audits and reporting become a few simple clicks - no more pouring through paperwork in filing cabinets trying to figure out when a driver violated a specific rule - the system does it all for you.