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Integrated Smart Dashcam Solutions

Improve driver safety & efficiency with integrated and AI-powered camera solutions

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Smart Dashcam Solutions

Integrated video and telematics data to empower a safer and efficient business

Switch your fleet management from reactive to proactive by removing  all the noise by implementing an integrated camera system.

Designed specifically for fleet operators, Teletrac Navman’s smart camera solutions are high-definition systems that capture rolling footage, while triggering events via internal sensors, from harsh usage to speeding. What does this mean? Real-time footage as events occurs, all from the comfort of the office.

multi camera dash cam for vehicles


Designed to improve the safety of drivers and improve their on-road behaviour with real-time footage and analytics

Video On Demand

Access footage as required or as events occur from the back-office - no need to go into the vehicle to download files


Protect your business against fraudulent insurance claims for peace of mind by backing up your driver’s point of view


Supports high definition 1080p cameras for high-quality footage, even in the dark with ambient light sensors built-in


Analyses footage alongside
telematics data to provide a complete view of incidents


Choose the right solution for you based on the features you need out of the system for your business

Smart Camera Features

Improve driver safety with the latest AI camera technology 

HD Cameras 570X543

High Definition Cameras

Our high-definition dual and multi-camera options record all drive time and provide the right view around your vehicle and cabin. With built-in sensors and infrared technology ensures unparalleled video footage at night or other low-light conditions.

  • Stay aware of what is happening around your vehicles to improve driver safety
  • Captures and analyses every second of road time for you to see the events and incidents that matter most
  • Access footage direct from your office – no need to get into the vehicle and pull-out hard drives and sort through hours of footage to find what you need
AI Enabled 570X543


With a powerful AI processing system in our dual camera solution, your footage becomes part of your business insights. The always-on AI cameras record every minute of driving time continually learns driver behaviours and provides insights into positive and dangerous actions. Alerts are raised for specific event types that the cameras are looking for, from distracted driving and seatbelts right through to illegal turns and stop sign violations.  

  • Analyses on the fly as the vehicle is travelling
  • Continually learns from driving patterns and road environments
  • System learns from street signs, infrastructure, and vehicle types seen on the road
AI Camera Carousel Images Driver Coaching

Driver Coaching

The Smart Dashcam comes with a built-in driver coaching and scoreboard system, create and use a personalised approach to training and coaching program on areas your drivers are struggling with to improve safety and efficiency. It provides the perfect framework for your business to reward good drivers.

  • Gain access to real-time driver scoreboards based off metrics on alerts raised in the system
  • A live dashboard filled with high-level fleet metrics and driver performance for actionable information
  • Easily view video events to review with drivers to improve safe driving skills
  • Compare all drivers scores to determine what kind of coaching is needed
Fraud Prevention 570X543

Fraud Prevention

Ensuring your drivers are safe on the road is important – ensuring other road users are not risking your driver’s safety and claiming false events is equally important. Prevent fraud and frivolous lawsuits with HD video footage that captures driving events in real-time. With the ability to pull up footage at the time of event to see exactly what happened can help you to understand your drivers perspective and backup their story.

  • Analyse second-by-second HD video footage from up to four different cameras to help provide more information around incidents and understand the events leading up to the incident
  • Video can be helpful for insurance reports, to provide insights into elements surrounding incidents, and provide a means of proving your point in court if it reaches that stage
  • Use at-fault incidents as coaching opportunities to better train drivers
Real Time Alerts 570X543

Real-Time Alerts

Receive real-time warnings and alerts for a vast variety of event types, such as harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding, traffic violations, and other dangerous driving events. Set your own thresholds, determine what to monitor and only receive alerts that matter most to your business.

  • Create personalised alerting based on your role in the business so you’re alerted to what you need to know as soon as it happens
  • Ability to monitor speeding, illegal U-turns, red-light violations, driver distractions, and other traffic infractions through the dual cam solution
Efficiencies 570X543


Safe driving practices ensure your staff get home safely. They also lead to improved efficiencies for the business through the monitoring driving patterns and altering behaviours. Ensuring you keep an eye on alerts and metrics and providing a means for your drivers to improve, you can cut costs in fuel use and maintenance, while improving asset ROI through the better use of your vehicles.

  • Through alerts for event types raised through the system, you can keep an eye on harsh driving behaviours like speed, excessive acceleration and much more
  • Use real data to counsel and coach drivers to improve their behaviours to save costs and provide rewards for positive driving

Compare our Smart Dashcam Solutions

Find the perfect camera solution for your fleet

Our range of solutions can meet your business needs now and grow with you into the future.

Smart Dashcam
AI-Enabled Forward and Driver Facing Camera Solution

With the power of AI, benefit from a smart dashcam that provides a forward and driver-facing camera to each of your vehicles. Get critical insights into what is always happening on the road, driver behaviour, and incident alerting.

  • AI-enabled smart dashcam with a forward and driver-facing camera system
  • High definition 1080p camera lenses
  • Ambient light sensor for clear night or low-light footage
  • Continually recording to analyse footage in real-time and raise events
  • Octa Core CPU + GPU / DSP for AI enabled Edge computing
  • 9-axis accelerometer, gyro, compass, and temperature sensors built-in
  • 4G LTE enabled for optimum communications
  • Real-time audible driver alerts
  • Instant alerts raised direct to the office for a vast variety of event triggers in front of and inside the vehicle
  • Built-in driver alert button that raises alerts
  • 2GB of memory and storage for up to 50 hours of video on the device
  • Built in scorecard, driver coaching and dashboard system for the back-office
Multi-Camera Solution
High-Definition Solution you build around your vehicles

With the ability to place up to four cameras around your vehicles based on your requirements, the multi-camera solution enables you to find the right combination. Whether it’s a single forward-facing camera right through to a four-camera comprehensive setup.

  • Supports up to four high-definition 1080p cameras
  • Choice of front, driver, rear and side cameras
  • Integrated solution with Teletrac Navman’s fleet management solution
  • Analyses footage alongside telematics data to provide a comprehensive view of events and incidents
  • Access to footage as required or as events occur all from the back office
  • Real-time alerts and information
  • Capable of 10+ working days of storage of rolling footage
  • Driver alert button that begins recording
  • Ruggedised hardware that is both water resistant and shock-proof
  • In-built G-force sensors to automatically trigger events and capture data
  • Event-based architecture means you get alerted as incidents occur on the road, with analytics alongside footage
  • Optional in-vehicle monitor to view cameras


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