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RUC Management

Manage road user charges with ease

Upkeep on New Zealand roads is funded by fuel taxes and, in the case of light diesel and heavy vehicles, Road User Charges (RUC) based on distance travelled. The heavier your vehicles, the more you’re required to pay.  If you have a fleet of hundreds or thousands of vehicles, the RUC costs can be substantial. However, if you regularly use your vehicles off-road, your business is eligible for refunds from the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). To make a refund claim, you need highly accurate data, and managing the process manually can be time-consuming.

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GPS Tracking captures High-Definition Data, providing second-by-second recording of all travel and incidents for both trucks and trailers. It automatically captures the distances and locations your assets have travelled, and identifies all off road use so you can claim back road user charges. With real-time access to fleet data, you no longer have to rely on your drivers keeping an accurate record of when they were travelling off-road, which can leave you open to errors. 


Our Off Road Tracker solution makes it easy to submit a refund claim, minimising paperwork and reducing the time it takes to complete. Simply scan your licences and the system will automatically calculate your eligible off-road refunds. The tracker will then auto populate an NZTA claim form and generate an automatic report to validate your claim. And because all map data is server based, it’s always up-to-date. 

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