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Teletrac Navman

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Electronic Distance Recorder (EDR1)



Display real-time RUC licence Information digitally direct in your vehicles

Managing Road User Charges (RUC) and the off-road rebate manually is never a simple task, fraught with assumptions, miscalulations and the chance that paperwork can be lost or damaged.

RUC Manager, Teletrac Navman’s electronic RUC management system makes it easy to manage RUC licences and complying to necessary requirements. Paired with the EDR1 in the vehicle’s cabin, it further automates vehicle RUC management and monitoring in real-time for businesses and their drivers.

Approved by New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), the EDR1 can display your licences in an electronic system that can be scanned through the windscreen by the commercial vehicle inspection unit at any time.

For the driver, it has an inward facing dashboard that digitally displays the correct odometer distance so they can complete logbooks quickly and easily. 

When new licences are purchased, they are automatically and immediately displayed on the device to help with compliance and always ensure your vehicles never without RUC.

The display is clear and easily scannable at any point of the day or night, ensure drivers and enforcement are able to ensure licences are valid.


Features & Benefits

  • Automated method of electronic RUC management for heavy vehicles
  • Large, clear, scannable display – no more paperwork or lost licences
  • Can be installed in any vehicle, positioned right up front for clear outward display
  • NZTA-approved for used as an Electronic Distance Recorder for RUC on heavy vehicles
  • Helps to reduce the load of paperwork and accounting work – only purchase the RUC licences you need
  • Integrated with Teletrac Navman’s range of in-vehicle units for value-added fleet management solutions
  • High-definition location management for accurate off-road RUC refund claims
  • Manage and monitor licences through a dedicated RUC management platform
  • Ability to purchase licences electronically through RUC Manager, and send directly to EDR device for real-time display for each vehicle